A show of force


Russia is holding naval exercises in the Caspian and Mediterranean Seas.

Unprecedented scope

The exercises, which began on August 15th, involve the Caspian flotilla, which includes the “Tatarstan” and “Dagestan” missile ships, the small  "Grad Sviyazhsk" and "Great Ustyug” missile ships equipped with sea-based long-range “Caliber” cruise missiles, as well as artillery ships, minesweepers, and attached support vessels.

At the same time, in the Mediterranean, a naval strike group composed of the small "Serpukhov" and "Green Dol" missile ships is operating in cooperation with ships from the Russian Navy’s permanent task force in the Mediterranean Sea.



Missiles fly over Iraq and Iran

The Russian Ministry of Defense has already received permission from the Iraqi and Iranian governments to fly “Caliber” cruise missies over their air spaces. This means that, if need be, the Russian Navy could help Iraq strike terrorist bases on their territory without the use of aircraft. Such attacks using “Caliber” missiles were already carried out in October 2015 against terrorist bases in Syria.



The Caspian Alliance in action

Katehon reminds readers that one week ago, Baku hosted a meeting between the Presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to discuss cooperation and security issues, followed by a meeting between the Presidents of Russia and Turkey which also raised issues of security in South Eurasia.

Since the factor of military force is the most effective means of solving problems in Russian foreign policy, these exercises are a kind of signal for Russia and its satellites’ detractors.