The swamp swallowed Steve Bannon


Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon was ousted from the US National Security Council. This was reported by the American media. As a result of the reorganization of the Council on March 5, instead of Bannon, as permanent members, the Director of National Intelligence and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff returned. The powers of the US National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster have significantly increased. In particular, the Homeland Security Council also was subordinated to him.

Are the tasks completed?

According to Bannon, he allegedly fulfilled his mission: the restructuring of the work of the council, which according under the previous administration had interfered in politics too seriously. In particular, recently became known that Susan Rice, the former national security adviser under President Obama, sought to unmask the key figures of Trump's campaign and transitional team who "accidentally" became the targets of surveillance by US intelligence services. American intelligence services spied on foreigners and intercepted some conversations of objects of observation with members of the Trump team.

In addition, after the result of the scandal over the ties with Russia of the former national security adviser Michael Flynn, this place became vacant, and Bannon had to supervise the activities of the Security Council on behalf of Trump.

McMaster's Strengthening

However, the withdrawal of Bannon from the National Security Council severely limits his influence on the sphere of foreign policy decisions, as well as access to operational information on this topic. Herbert McMaster is in contrast to Bannon and Flynn representative of the classical Republican establishment, standing more on the side of the Swamp. He is less inclined toward rapprochement with Russia than these two "non-system" figures. Senator John McCain strongly supported the appointment of McMaster as an adviser to Trump. Opponents of Bannon are already celebrating the victory.

Dangerous concession

Undoubtedly, the reorganization of the National Security Council is another concession to Swamp. In fact, foreign and defense policy, as well as control over special services, is given almost entirely to its representatives. In replacement, Trump expects that establishment will not torpedo his initiatives in domestic politics. However, this game is dangerous for Trump, who himself reinforces the disloyal center of power, empowering the American Deep State. In addition, he will not be able to implement any serious changes inside the country without changes in foreign policy. First of all, this refers to the departure from interventionism.