Syria's Foreign Ministry refuses to surrender sovereignty to neo-liberals


International media have reported that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has said that Damascus did not agree to the plan of the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Steffan de Mistura, on the southeastern part of Aleppo.

An offense to sovereignty

In addition to the fact that such a decision would have a purely neoliberal nature and infringe on the sovereignty of Syria as a nation-state, al-Muallem pointed out another aspect. In the case of the southeastern part of Aleppo, the terrorists could begin to more actively bombard the western districts inhabited by civilians.

The divided city

Aleppo is one of the key points on the map of Syria. Regaining control over it by government forces would be a turning point in the current war. After Donald Trump's victory, the morale of terrorists and their activities have declined significantly. Radicals were hoping for the victory of Hillary Clinton and strengthened support from the neo-conservative circles in the US elite.

Information war

Western media regularly publishes fake videos, in which destroyed buildings, killed people, and wounded civilians can be seen. Most of these materials are released under headlines accusing Syrian troops and Russian Aerospace Forces of strikes on civilian targets. In fact, these materials are staged in other cities and even countries where Syrian and Russian troops are not present. The purpose of such propaganda is to discredit the legitimate government of Syria and the legal presence of Russian troops on its territory.