Terrorist attack in Donbas: the commander of "Somalia" battalion Givi killed


The Ministry of Defense self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic reported the death of "Somalia" battalion Commander Mikhail Tolstoy. Colonel, known by the name "Givi", died in a terrorist attack this morning. An investigation has been launched. 

Fighter for Freedom

Givi was a notable figure in the history of Donetsk Peoples Republic. He was a living symbol of the Russian Spring and a hero praised by the people. One of the most skilled Commanders of the DPR, Givi resisted the Ukranian occupation and defended the land from invaders.

Reasons behind the Attack

Ukraine has a clear goal – to destroy the symbols of the Russian Spring. Givi was an obvious target. The Ukrainian government after the victory of Donald Trump, and the decline of globalist powers in the USA who have supported the Ukrainian Coup and the war on Donbass, will display a tendency to stick to the Minsk Agreements. This is needed for further integration of Donbass back into Ukraine. However this is a troublesome task, to make it easier Kiev resorts to terrorism.