Terrorist attack in Nice: a blow to continental Europe


A truck drove into a crowd of people who were celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. 84+ people were killed in a suicide attack, and more than 100 were injured.


The terrorist is presumed to be a 31-year-old man with a French-Tunisian nationality. His identification documents were found in the car. The truck driver not only drove into a crowd of people, but also fired at those on the run with a gun before the police shot it. Later, in the car they found grenades, firearms, and spare magazines.

The geopolitical context

The attacks in France are associated with changes in the geopolitical balance in Europe after the referendum on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union. The United States uses its Islamist proxies against continental Europe, when European chances to gain geopolitical independence increased significantly after the British people voted for Brexit. This was demonstrated by the NATO summit in Warsaw, in which France took the most moderate position towards Russia.

Islamism - an instrument of Atlanticism

The CIA and British intelligence nurtured Islamism to counter the "Soviet threat". It was then, during the Cold War, and especially since the Soviet troops were brought into Afghanistan, when the ideological, resources, and institutional framework for global Islamic terrorist networks was established. In Syria, the Americans also prefer to rely on Islamists. The ISIS terrorists accidentally got new American and Israeli weapons. Despite the propaganda, ISIS has not committed any act of terrorism against the US and Israel, and does not threaten the security of these countries. At the same time ISIS directly threatens Russia, Iran and China, the main US geopolitical adversaries in Eurasia.

The purpose of the terrorist attack

The attack in France aims to demonstrate that the country cannot alone ensure its own security. The purpose of the attacks is to sow fear in the community, disorient it, and demonstrate the political elites of the consequences of attempts to conduct an independent policy. In addition, the US will strengthen US control over Europe by appealing to the need for closer cooperation with the US in the field of security. After other terrorist attacks (Paris, Brussels, perhaps - the downing of the "Paris-Cairo" aircraft) is another demonstration by Atlanticists of the fact that Europe is too weak and cannot be an independent geopolitical pole.