The war in Syria did begin.14 April a coalition of the United States, Britain and France dealt a blow, launching more than a hundred cruise missiles at the strategically important targets. The attacks managed to be repelled, but the fact of the attack shows very dangerous trend: it is possible that this is not the end.


All this time, the establishment (the military, the leadership of the "hawks", the Deep state) exerted a colossal influence on the American president.

Now there is doubt - was Trump a figure of the populist movement as it seemed to be during the electoral campaign (created by Bannon), or was he originally "disguised by Clinton"?

Müller's investigations into Trump and his entourage did not stop. As soon as the tough Russophobic rhetoric around the "Skrypal case" unfolded and the first accusations of allegedly perfect chemistry in the Duma, Trump's lawyer conducted searches to find new compromising materials. In the conditions of blackmail, Trump eventually surrendered. He tried to balance for a long time, but now it becomes impossible.

The split in the US

Mattis and National Security Advisor John Bolton had a conflict on this ground: it was reported that US Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dunford, "are concerned about the escalation and prevention of strikes against American forces," while John Bolton is aiming " on the good old regime change. "

Previously, Mattis stressed that the US should not foment another civil war. "Our role in Syria is a victory over IGIL (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), we are not going to get involved in this civil war."

However, although Trump was pushed to the decision, now his opponents will use the same to criticize the president (the most interesting is that the Democrats have intercepted the position, which is usually happy to decide on bombing). So, the leader of the Democrats in the US Congress Senate Chuck Schumer, although he supported the "precise and limited" strike, called for caution, so that the country was not dragged into another military conflict.

Another senator Tom Udall openly criticized the decision, saying that pulling America into the civil war in Syria threatens a large-scale war. According to him, "this is not a reality TV show," Americans can not afford a new civil war - otherwise they "risk the conflict of great powers."

Criticism from Bernie Sanders is expected: the senator called the US attack on Syria "illegal and unauthorized."

It is possible that the pressure on Trump will increase, and the rockets will come to him sideways. Nobody canceled the impeachment scenario.

New blows

There remains the possibility that new blows will be inflicted on Syria.

On the one hand, Trump hinted that this is not the end. On the other, there are voices of Mattis that this is a one-off action.

  In France, it was reported that although the missile strikes had ceased, they were ready to send foot troops if necessary. In any case, new attacks are possible, especially given the daily contradictory statements from the White House.

Signal to Russia

First of all, this is an attempt to break the coalition of Russia with Iran and Turkey, which over the past year have demonstrated unprecedented successes in the region and strengthened their positions. It is important to note that among the targets were the Iranian ones.

As we remember, before the attack on Syria, Israel already attacked - in order to weaken the influence of Iran, for Tel Aviv, strengthening the position of the opponent is unacceptable.

At the same time, Turkey proved to be not the best way, having approved the attacks on Syria. Ankara and Syria had previously had contradictions, but Turkey still considered it an enemy of the United States, and not Assad. But these are the personal ambitions of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

American experts note that in many respects the blow was "symbolic", because they were not beaten by Russian targets, so as not to incite the Third World War. However, the very fact of an unpunished attack on groundless arguments about the "chem attack" in Syrian Duma demonstrates that hawks are not going to abandon the classical methods of unpunished attacks on countries and the breakdown of stability in states where the positions of the main rivals of the atlantists are strengthening.