Trump declares war on Islamism


The US Republican Party presidential candidate has presented his program to combat Radical Islam. Trump’s speech in Youngstown, Ohio has been published on the candidate’s official website.

Criticizing the Democrats

In his speech, Trump sharply criticized Obama's policies and Hillary Clinton when she was US Secretary of State. According to him, Obama's hasty troop withdrawal from Iraq resulted in strengthening ISIS (the terrorist organization banned in Russia). Trump said that both the invasion of Iraq and the hastily organized exit from the country were mistakes and that Obama’s aim in doing such was gaining political points.

In addition, Trump recognized that interventionist policies towards Libya and Syria plunged these countries into chaos. Trump believes that the personal blame for this lies with Hillary Clinton. Regime change policies and state-building in Middle Eastern countries and the installation of Western-style democratic institutions have not justified themselves.

The main enemy

Donald Trump called Islamism the key ideological and political enemy of the US. In fact, the essence of his proposal involves the use of mechanisms tested during the Cold War. The key point of his new foreign policy is an alliance with Russia in the fight against Islamism. Trump believes that the US should cooperate with any regimes to counter this threat.

Severe measures

Trump’s basic point for domestic policy is restricting the entry of migrants from Islamic countries. Allowing entry to people from countries where terrorist networks are active must be suspended. In regards to migrants, he proposes to introduce special checking measures, including an ideological test similar to the one that existed during the Cold War. He proposes to evict hostile migrants promoting radical Islam from the country.

Friendship with Israel

It is especially necessary to point out that Trump considers Israel to be the most important partner in the Middle East. This explains his anti-Iran rhetoric and unjustified listing of Iran as one among those countries supporting terrorism.