Trump in the Vatican: the shadow of Antichrist


President of the United States Donald Trump was received by the Pope of Rome during Trump's visit to the Vatican on May 24, 2017. The Vatican became the first state in Europe, where the American leader paid a visit. Earlier, Trump during his first foreign trip visited Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Come to terms

It is known that Trump and Pope Francis disagree on almost all the priority problems of our time. The pope occupies a left-liberal position on migration, globalism and global warming and has a negative attitude towards Trump's nationalistic statements. During the presidential election campaign in the US, they exchanged accusations. However, as was noted in the communiqué following the meeting, they agreed on the issues of fighting abortion, protecting religious freedoms (which in the United States implies protecting traditional Christians from the escapade of the gay lobby), and protecting Christians in the Middle East. The Catholic Church and the US Administration will also work together in the areas of health, education and assistance to migrants.

Shadow of Antichrist

The fact that Trump visited the Pope earlier meetings with other European leaders underscores Trump's attitude to the Catholic Church as the main institution of the old continent, the spiritual basis of European civilization. This is a positive moment of this meeting. However is possible to consider disturbing syncretic notes in the very plan of the visit and Trump's appeals to the tolerance of Jews, Muslims and Christians to each other in the name of worldly peace Trump's visit connects Wahhabist "pure" Islam (Saudi Arabia), Judaism and globalist Catholicism. Standing Trump in front of the Wailing Wall and his announcement by a number of Jewish rabbis to be Moshiach and constant appeals for peace against the backdrop of pumping the most dangerous region of the globe - the Middle East with weapons add nervousness.