Turkey might enter into the SCO


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly raised the possibility recently while returning from abroad. He has expressed his intention to revise the previous policy of entering in the EU and instead, working more closely with Russia and China on Eurasian security.

Uzbekistan effect

t is significant that Erdogan made this statement to Turkish journalists during his return from Uzbekistan, where the Turkish President paid an official visit.

At the same time, Erdogan confirmed that he already discussed the idea with the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Earlier at the request of the Turkish side, all cells of Fetullah Gülen were banned in Uzbekistan, chief among the organizers of the coup on July 15th.

Endless path to Europe

Historically, Turkey was trying to enter Europe in the Middle Ages, but after the Battle of Vienna in 1683 the country stopped trying to actively expand militarily in this direction.

In modern times, the application for accession to the European project was filed in 1987, but the talks began only in 2005.

But the Brussels bureaucracy constantly blocks Ankara's attempts at dialogue, putting forward some contradictory conditions.

The most recent EU initiatives are discriminatory requirements in relation to the media and the political process in Turkey. In fact, this is an interference in the internal affairs of Turkey.