Turkish minister goes after Gulen


Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag is in Washington on a visit whose main purpose is resolving the issue of extraditing Gülen.

Turkish unity

The head of the Turkish ministry is accompanied by representatives of major parliamentary parties, such as the ruling Justice and Development Party and the opposition Republican People's Party and Nationalist Movement Party.

This emphasizes that the issue of Gulen is not a problem of power in Turkey, but a much more serious, strategic issue. After the coup and related events, political parties, both ruling and opposition, began to converge, a move which was supported by the people.

Moreover, talks on a referendum on the abolition of the current Turkish constitution are underway. It is reported that such could be held next year.

Worse than ISIS and Al-Qaeda

Before his departure to Washington, the minister said that the Gulenist “Parallel State” network is the same for Turkey that "Al-Qaeda" is for the United States. He said that he did not wish that relations between Ankara and Washington "deteriorated because of a terrorist."

Meanwhile, the people of Turkey agree with the point of view of the minister. According to a survey of public opinion, the Gülen’s organization is far ahead of others, including ISIS and the PKK, on the terrorist threats list.

Unwanted evidence

During a meeting with Loretta Lynch, Bozdag’s US counterpart, the evidence against Gulen already presented by Ankara as well as new evidence was discussed. However, it can be assumed that the minister’s visit will not go as Turkey would like. It is unlikely that Washington will allow the extradition of one of its subordinates, in the same way that it has rescued other terrorists, such as Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles who blew up a Cuban airplane.