Turkmenistan raises the issue of amendments to the Constitution


Today, the Council of Elders will discuss possible changes to the supreme law of the land.

Will this change the political paradigm?

While the specific details have not been reported previously, nevertheless, the change in the geopolitical situation in the region points to the possibility of making amendments to strengthen the security of the country with the help of Russia, the CSTO and the SCO.

Dual neutrality and gas economy

Under the current Constitution of Turkmenistan, the country can not participate in any military blocs, as well as in any political associations. Therefore, the country's leadership has rejected any suggestions of any partners and potential allies before now.

Still, Turkmenistan is dynamically developing relations with neighboring Iran and balanced relations with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

According to the proven natural gas reserves, Turkmenistan is the fourth country in terms of available volume after Russia, Iran and Qatar.

Afghan instability

The most serious problem for Turkmenistan is Afghanistan. The Taliban have repeatedly attacked the Turkmen border guards, which forced the country's leadership to transfer to the border more troops. Despite this, the Taliban raids continued and Turkmenistan  informally regularly need to give "bribes" to taliban for their own safety.