UN adopts a resolution on combating with glorification of Nazism


The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly approved a draft resolution directed against the glorification of Nazism and racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance, during voting.

The essence of the document

The resolution expresses concern about the fact that in a number of countries, famed Nazi movement leaders and former members of the SS are honored, and monuments to fighters (e.g partisan heroes) against fascism are demolished or subjected to desecration.

The document calls on states to pass legislation prohibiting the denial of crimes against humanity and war crimes during the Second World War.

The United States, Ukraine and Palau in opposition

The project was prepared by Russia together with 54 states. The resolution was supported by 131 countries. 48 states, including EU Member States have abstained. Ukraine, the United States and Palau were against it. These states voted against the resolution last year. However, this is not surprising, because there is glorification of the Nazis in Ukraine in recent last years, including collaborators cooperating with the regime of the Third Reich.