The United States begins dismantling Obama's legacy


The first program on health and social welfare known as Obamacare will be canceled.

The Senate voted against the reform

51 votes against 48 - this is the result of a vote in the Senate against the failed reform that Obama initiated. The committees will now begin work on the elaboration of a law that officially stops Obamacare and offers another alternative: return to the previous mechanism, or a search for a new one. Obama's initiative, the aim of which was to insure all US citizens with medical insurance, including subsidies for poor citizens, in fact led to the collapse of the health system due to ill-conceived actions,corruption, and the continued inclusion of problematic insurance companies in creating policies and rates.

What's next?

It is expected that Trump's team will start to eliminate other failed programs created by Democrats - in the educational system, the economy, the media, and bodies responsible for international policies.