US intelligence warns of hacker attacks around the presidential elections


According to the chief of NSA Mike Rogers, foreign governments may try to carry out cyber attacks on November 8th.

The search for the extreme

Rogers did not say which countries could harm the United States, saying only a general "foreign intelligence community." However, the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator John McCain, said that the "serious and aggressive actions" against the United States in cyberspace were being done by Russia.

The hypothesis of postponing the election

The current election campaign demonstrates the great potential for the victory of Donald Trump. The establishment in the United States is opposed to such a candidacy, but the most likely opponent for Trump - Hillary Clinton - is rapidly losing popularity, including due to health problems.

If they manage to come up with some reason for which the elections  cannot to be  recognized as valid, the White House is ready to go on such an adventure. It is likely that a scenario involving claims of a hacker attack could serve as a pretext to postpone the elections.