The US Navy sent a shock group to the Korean peninsula

Trump sends a US Navy strike group to the shores of North Korea

Trump sends a US Navy strike group to the shores of North Korea

Trump sends a US Navy strike group

Trump came to power as a supporter of the revival of American greatness in the spirit of classical right-wing conservatives. One of the stable lines of this platform is the rejection of liberal interventionism. However, the second no less important pillar of such a program is the classical and anticommunism -- geopolitically anachronistic in modern conditions. Nevertheless Trump's anti-communism is a logical stand and repeatedly voicedby him in his election campaign. The whole novelty of Trump's policy should be that he turns off liberal interventionism and concentrates on internal problems. The only exception is aggression towards the communist regimes of North Korea and China. Therefore, the sending of a US Army airbreaking group to North Korea  does not contradict his early declarations and main structure of his positions.

Reaction of Russia

The head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Viktor Ozerov, warned that such actions are dangerous and may provoke North Korea forcing it to radicalize behavior towards South Korea or to some other extravagant actions taking into account Juche ideology.


This Trump's decision is closely related to the missile attacks on April 7, 2017 on the base of the Syrian Armed Forces after the "chemical attack" that Americans and Swamp's structures falsely attributed to Assad contrary to all sound logic. Trump succumbed to the hypnosis of neocons and found himself in a difficult situation. Overnight, he lost a significant part of his supporters in both the US and the rest of the world. Relations between the US and Russia have heated up to the limit.


After strikes against the positions of the Syrian governement's troops, what fighters of ISIS (banned in Russia) tried to use, Trump was in a very difficult situation, almost at a dead end. If he continues the escalation in Syria, this would inevitably lead to a direct conflict with Russia, which Lavrov made clear in a telephone conversation with Tillerson, and finally made Trump a hostage to neocons. But if he admittes his mistake, he would lose face and cause a new flurry of demonization by the Swamp's media and a political boycott in Congress and the Senate (not only from the Democrats, but also from the majority of GOP who are either locked in either Deep State, or neocons structures). But at the same time Trump couldn't avoid choosing. He is obliged to choose.

Tricky Trump's Plan

Trump decided to withdraw from the situtation, shifting the focus of attention to another region. A war with North Korea, or at least a confrontation in a tough form, would divert attention from Syria, where Trump was fundamentally entangled, relax a bit relations with Russia, partly restore confidence of his supporters (usually right-wingers) and maneuver against neo-cones who have a priori nothing against the war with North Korea, although above all they are concerned about overthrowing Assad and support for the upcoming aggression of Israel.

Unlike Syria, Russia in North Korea is not directly involved, and therefore, despite all the protests that will follow and already follow, Moscow will not certainle intervene directly. But to China - the declared enemy of Trump - this would mean a serious blow.