US preparing cyber attacks against Russia


The motivation for such is the leak of the correspondence of Hillary Clinton and other politicians.

Accusations and threats

The US accuses Russia of hacking the servers of the US Democratic Party as well as other computer networks, including those of the State Department, White House, and the Pentagon. The spokesman for the White House, Joshua Ernest, has stated that Barack Obama is considering the possibility of applying a proportional response to Russia's actions.

Disproportionate cyberpower

In fact, talking of a "proportionate" response is not possible at all, as the United States controls the majority of computer networks around the world. US intelligence services either have agreements with companies that produce software so that their products have special loopholes and backdoors, or they simply launch their own spyware, as has been repeatedly exposed by the fugitive spy Edward Snowden and American experts themselves.

Unconventional escalation

Because the United States is a master of organizing various provocations, it has decided to make an unusual move. After Russia placed S-300 missile systems in Syria, the Pentagon realized that harming Russia there would be difficult, so the alternative scenario was put into operation. This does not exclude the escalation of the military conflict, since according to the US National Security Doctrine, Washington can use military force in response to cyber threats.