Venezuela can expect early parliamentary elections


Parties united under the Great Patriotic Pole bloc (supporters of Chavismo doctrine) are preparing to ask the Supreme Court to start an investigation against the Speaker and opposition members of the National Assembly.


The procedure for the removal of the usurper

Assembly Speaker Henry Ramos Allup is accused of putting pressure on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, and other non-democratic procedures, including attempts to usurp power and malpractice. The most possible way to resolve the crisis is the dissolution of the National Assembly and the holding of new parliamentary elections.


US Fifth Column

After the coalition "Democratic Unity Round table" was able to get a majority in the National Assembly, its members immediately began attempts to carry out the dismantling of the existing system in the US' interest. One of the projects was the Venezuelan liberals calling for a referendum on the suspension of the current President Nicolas Maduro. However, this attempt has thus far been unsuccessful.


Washington Revitalization

US recently stepped up its pressure on Venezuela: the organization of sabotage of enterprises, financial assistance to the puppet of the opposition, as well as economic sanctions aimed at establishing control over the country, which has important geo-strategic importance for the US and Latin America (exit to the Caribbean, large reserves of energy resources).