Venice is ready to give up anti-Russian sanctions

The Italian region of Veneto recognized Crimea as the part of Russia on May 18th. The voting on this issue will take part in the Regional Council, which is controlled by the adherents of the pro-Russian initiative. Moreover, the regional legislatives will demand the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions.

Why is this instance possible?

Currently the authorities of Veneto are the center-right coalition of Lega Nord. The adherents of Lega Nord have the majority of seats in the regional parliament (28/48). The president of Veneto Luca Zaia is for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions and the recognition of Crimea. The lifting of sanctions and the creation of independent relations with Russia is one of the main motives of the election campaign in 2015. Business in the industrial North of Italy, including Veneto, is unsatisfied with the sanctions war with Russia, which has only brought losses, and wants to stop it as soon as possible.

Lega Nord’s Geopolitical Position

Lega Nord is for the normalization of relations with Russia and for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Leader of Lega Nord Matteo Salvini was the first key Italian Politian who visited Crimea after the 2014 referendum.

Pro-Russian Regions of Europe

Veneto’s decision can influence a number of Italian positions at this year’s EU summit. Moreover, the initiated process of the lifting of sanctions and the recognition of Crimea can be joined be other European regions, over the EU and national government, should Russian start some measures for rapprochement.