Walking Dead: Hillary Clinton as the Zombie-Candidate


Hillary Clinton is seriously ill. The Democrats' US presidential candidate’s illness showed through at a commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Clinton fainted and security and assistants immediately evacuated the candidate.

Official version

The official version voiced by Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardak, is that she is suffering from pneumonia. Ostensibly, the reason for the female candidate’s fall was that she became overheated. However, the temperature at the time in New York was only 25 degrees Celsius (77 F). Earlier, while speaking in Cleveland (Ohio), Clinton could not speak for 4 minutes due to coughing.

Conspiracy theorists are right

Clinton’s fall demonstrates the correctness of those who claimed that the US presidential candidate is seriously ill. Earlier, Clinton's supporters rejected this information as a kind of conspiracy theory. The developments in New York confirm that the conspiracy theorists were right. Clinton is really sick.


In the event that Clinton dies before the elections, a re-vote for the Democratic Party’s official candidate is possible. The media has actively covered the candidacy of current US Vice President Joe Biden. Clinton’s chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is unlikely to win the support of the party establishment. If Clinton can live until the elections, win them, and die after the vote, then the vice-presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Tim Kane, will become president. If Clinton survives, then given her health condition, her husband Bill Clinton and Tim Kane will have decisive influence on state policy.

Clinton like a zombie

The desperate effort to propel sick Clinton into the presidency by any means is evidence of the fact that the influential groups behind her do not need an independent politician at the head of the country. They want a puppet who can easily be controlled. Sick and disabled Clinton is best suited for this role.

Tim Kane, the possible future president, is famous for being totally corrupt. As the governor and vice-governor of Virginia, he received gifts from large corporations in the amount of $160,000. Kane regularly lobbies the interests of big business.