17.08.2017 Marcelo Gullo

A Reflection on the Search for the Direction of Affairs
15.08.2017 Monk Seraphim (Zissis)

The all-too-obvious tenaciousness with which Ecumenist clergy and intelligentsia have so far promoted and continue to bulldoze their agenda,...
10.08.2017 Andrew Korybko

From The Global Periphery To The Center Of Great Power Competition  
17.07.2017 Friedrich Hansen

President Trump‘s personality is of an entirely different kind rather akin to Zeno, the Fin-de-Siecle anti-hero of Italo Svevo‘s towering novel of...
19.06.2017 Leonid Savin

Because of many speculations about Russian role in Balkan region there is necessity to provide clear picture of the situation.

The Fourth Political Theory must be a collective effort that marshals a broad-based coalition of disparate political activists to come together to...

he leader of the self-proclaimed Islamic State has been killed in an air strike in Syria, according Syrian state media. News reports from Syria say...
10.06.2017 Mohamed Mokhtar Qandiel

If you want to exclude certain categories from society, in particular these categories of significance, you have to search for a substitute to fill...
05.06.2017 Leonid Savin

Adopting new technologies such as social networks, religious infiltration, and transnational flows (including media activity), it is now being...
02.06.2017 Nicholas Ierullo

 Historical Experience and Identity