The "3 good reasons" of Trump in England.


The danger of "progressivism" under the aegis of the European Union

"Give me three good reasons:   Why the UK should be part of Europe? "

It is what is attributed to have been said by Queen Elizabeth II of England, according to the royal biographer, Robert Lacey.

Queen Elizabeth II not only has shown her displeasure towards the European Union, she also have dropped pieces of "professional policy", with the "subliminal messages”, that she transmits to all her subjects, as we will narrate them next:

The chosen moment for such an occurrence was during an "official dinner" in which only "friends and family" were invited: The English aristocracy.

And carefully "leaked" to the media, just a day before, the news that the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016.

The English aristocracy, is the ”de facto power " par excellence in England. Members of the royal family, members of the House of Lords and related, are owners of almost all the means of production, media , and occupy strategic spaces within the administration of the State.

The "message" was very clear, and the "subjects" responded, decreeing the exit of the European Union with 52% of the ballot. Paradoxically, a decision endorsed by "the plebs".

However, "the Brexit" has encountered resistance, and there are no concrete results.  "The people” decided the exit in 2016, but we are now in 2019 and 3 years are an eternity.

From those premises, as well as past events with George VI, when he ordered his Prime Minister Winston Churchill to ask for help from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to rid them of the "Nazi danger", joining forces, to fight the "common enemy", we have now on this occasion, his heiress going to Donald Trump, to free her from the "European danger", by inviting him with all his family, to receive him in her castle with all the honors of state as well as to join forces, against "the common enemy.”

In sum, the "3 reasons" of Trump in England are:

  1. To transmit clearly, to the whole United Kingdom and Europe, the disposition to leave the European Union. To carry this out, the formalization of a strategic alliance, with dignitaries who "share their vision"

  2. To signal that this exit will be "good or bad".

Donald Trump, has shown to have the”heavy games”, especially in the discursive space. When he arrives, he does not hesitate to "shoot" against the Mayor of London, of a "progressive" tendency. His Muslim origin represents the triumph of the "doctrine of open borders".

Trump and his team, among which stood out Steve Brannon (who leads the crusade for Europe, albeit nowadays outside the White House), has been cooperating in the "hard way out", given the failure of the renouncing Theresa May on the attempt to circumvent the will expressed in the polls , stalling for time on the subject, with supposed "negotiations", without exit .

  1. To reorient the foreign and domestic policy of the United Kingdom, around conservative and Christian principles.

We note that the English monarch is head of the Anglican Church. While Donald Trump, incarnates the "King David of the 21st century”, upon reaching the Presidency of the United States, thanks to the support of the powerful Christian conservative faction.

The "progressive" faction, which has Angela Merkel as its maximum exponent, has gained a lot of ground around the world; the United Kingdom is not the exception. The promotion of abortion, the “gender ideology ", open borders and "secularism" are unacceptable.

The remaining on the European Union, contributes remarkably to that "progressivism", which continues taking strength, contributing to the demolition of the Anglo world and everything it represents in the history, politics and culture of the English people.

Queen Elizabeth invites Trump along with his entire family. Her heir, Prince Charles, together with his wife Camilla, receive them at the Palace gate, everyone takes "the official photo”, as if they were "the big family”, to transmit a message of “monolithic unity”, around those principles which they share.

Progressivism, as it was Nazism during its time, is a danger that must be faced by all means.

We'll talk about that in another article.