4 November 1979 – Iranian Lesson


In what country no coup d'état is possible? In the United States, because there is no American Embassy in Washington D.C.  This old joke is simple, but the most accurate explanation of the true role of such centres around the world. And it is worth to remind how this problem was dealt 39 years ago in Iran.

Vicars of Humiliation

Especially for Central Europe countries, the presence of American diplomatic missions has a symbolic dimension, but also the most practical in. In Poland, the American Ambassador organizes regular video-conferences with the participation of voivodes (regional governors), receiving reports from them and issuing instructions to be carried out at the level of regional & local administration, completely ignoring the Polish government and the constitutional organs of the state! In Romania, the Ambassador officially takes precedence over the President and Prime Minister of the country, appearing as the first at the ceremonies and publicly flouting when anyone acts in the interests of America not soon enough. In Albania, the civil authority of the Ambassador is mixed with the military power of the US Army commanders, together ruling the country turned into a World training camp for terrorists and drug dealers (including, among others, the People's Mujahedin criminals). In the contemporary, neo-colonial unipolar world - American embassies are real Centres of Power, while parliaments and governments are just a façade, the same as democracy and independence of these countries is purely apparent.

Let's add personnel issues to this problem. The current president of the United States chooses Ambassadors in his image and likeness – equally insolent, equally stupid, equally crazy and arrogant. This “New Model Army” is straight taken from the most primitive American farces - and this team is trying to rule the World today...

Ideology of Destruction and Depravation

So, you should not be surprised, that almost the entire World enviesthe Iranians (or at least should be envious)with their courage and determination, which allowed them to take over and destroy the Den of Espionage in Tehran. And you can be sure that the growing American arrogance, their contempt for addicted nations, for local traditions, customs, religions, culture - will eventually trigger a reaction. We must notice that it is not only about political and economic power. American Embassies are also centres of spreading a specific ideology - promoting pornography, sexual deviance, corrupting youth. It is not enough for Americans to give orders for everyone, billions of tributes from around the World are insufficient- they want to turn the whole World into one big, immoral swamp, after which they will swim like untamed crocodiles. It is not only tyranny, it is also degeneration, and the American Embassies are just suitable for burning as an outbreak of plague.

For those countries that still defend their independence - the presence of American Embassies means a constant threat. Nowadays the role of American Embassies in organizing coups d'état, in overthrowing governments, in attempts to manipulate people, with the slogans of "Open Society", "Democracy" and "Human Rights" - is obvious and public. And there, where there are no such official "Spying Offices" - their tasks are taken over by "non-governmental" foundations and associations. Note that, officially, President Donald Trump officially does not love George Soros, but when Hungary tried to throw his foundation out of his territory - the US Embassy immediately intervened! These are just two hands of the same monster-project - the global domination of the great Zionist financiers, for which American imperialism and the ideology of "Human Rights" are simply useful tools.

To ruin these plans - these tools must be broken. And such an attitude should apply to all Soros’ (and similar) foundations and centres, together with their domestic collaborators - as well as the official vicars of modern Babylon/Carthage. If Americans do not know how to limit themselves to normal diplomacy, if they do not understand what respect and partnership are, let’s throw them away! And create museums, hospitals and kindergartens in their old Embassies. Let them serve people, not the Evil. Let’s follow the Iranians!