Abortion in Ireland and the Logos of Cybele

This essay seeks to deploy the principles of Noomahia, discovered by Professor Alexander Dugin, to explain the recent legalization of abortion in Ireland. (1)

On the 25th of May, 2018, the people of Ireland became the first population in human history to freely vote, in referendum, to kill their own young in the womb. The 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution, which had recognised the right to life of the unborn child, was repealed. As I write, legislation is going through the Irish parliament to give this vote legal effect. Supporters of abortion hope that abortion will be freely available in Ireland by early 2019. Up until 12 weeks of pregnancy, no excuse whatsoever will be needed to kill an unborn child.  After that, the excuse of “mental health” may be used right up until the day of birth. Sickness in the child may also be grounds for his or her execution.  Again, right up until the day of birth.

For fifteen hundred years, Christianity had given the Irish the concept of Communion – the Communion of the Faithful in the Body of Christ.  And from the Body of Christ proceeds the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of the Faithful as a people.  In more recent times, we Irish heard the ideas of Communism, which also proceeds from the ideal of the Communal life. But, pushing both Christianity and Communism violently aside has been the seemingly unstoppable ideology of Liberalism.

Abortion is, above all, a weapon of the individualist, Liberal, consumer against the need of the community to survive into the future. In short, the Liberal consumer does not want to be bothered by ideas of national or tribal duty. Such duties are an affront to him. All he wants from the community is police services which protect his private right to enjoy his private property.

So we have a war between two world views. One world view is the one that we have had since the first human beings, i.e. the Communal Ideal. And, the rival world view is the one that came up in the 18th century with the so called Enlightenment - Cogito Ergo Sum! I think therefore I am! In other words, I am my only guarantor of reality. Not God and not community. Just myself as an isolated will.  In short, Liberalism.

Over the last century or so, we have been hearing more and more vociferous demands from the Liberal consumer for the abolition of all communal understandings and duties that tend to limit his private enjoyment of the means of consumption at his disposal. These means of consumption are now also to be understood as to include his body, which is to be regarded as his own private property to be enjoyed as well as he wishes - or in so far as his monetary fortune will allow. A baby, which may be the result of that enjoyment must, under no circumstances, impress itself on him or his future enjoyment. Babies are a call back to the communal, which our Liberal consumer so desperately wishes to remove himself from. In short, babies demand the whole village that it takes to rear a child. This is what the Liberal most fears - that he may be called on to give up his time and resources for the rearing of another man's child. Indeed, the true Liberal would not even give of his time and resources to rear his own child - hence the demographic collapse we see in Europe today.

And we have seen the results of this Liberal Consumerism all over the so called developed world. The traditional populations of these lands are now in demographic collapse. Still, our Liberal consumer sees no problem or contradiction here. Those of the Native populations who are aborted - or not conceived at all - may just as easily be made up for by the mass immigration of non-Native populations. The Liberal doesn’t mind who serves his coffee - just as long as it arrives on time and doesn't cost him too much. Because his only idea of the future is the span of his own lifetime. Once he is dead, and no longer enjoying his private consumption, then the whole universe has ended as far as he is concerned. The Liberal laughs at the idea of Gaelic Ireland. Does that put more money in his pocket? If not, then it is a worthless idea.

The day we accept that abortion is a matter of private choice is the day that we accept the end of the human community and the hegemonic reign of the atomized Liberal consumer. Man as an island. Lost in a primordial abyss of self-aggrandizement. The great struggle for human consciousness collapses into mere infantile masturbation. Abortion means the end of the Communal.

And I do refer to the Liberal as “he.”  Liberalism is related to a certain male obsessive pathology, and is deeply anti-feminine. Regarding the fraud of "Woman's Choice," in reality, the vast majority of women who go through abortions do so precisely because Liberal society has stolen real choice away from them. Almost no woman would kill her baby, unless she was under threat of social exclusion and poverty. And why is she under such vicious threat? Why only because our Liberal, individualist, consumer demands that his private enjoyment of his private money must not be upset by the communal call of mothers and babies.

Here we have a vista of final horror. One in which the human, the communal, the higher consciousness - all that is natural - is vitiated and made unlawful by none other than the vicious self-aggrandizement of the solitary Liberal consumer. That breaker of human connection reduces the entire universe to his own self-image; disaggregated grains of dust floating in cold and empty space.

However, our war is not only between the Communal and the Liberal Consumerist, but there is also a much more ancient war within the Communal itself.  As Professor Dugin explains, this is the war between the Logos of Apollo and the Logos of Cybele.

The Logos of Apollo and Heroic Thinking

The heroic understanding of time belongs to the warrior elite of the nomadic pastoralist tribes, such as the Indo-Europeans who invaded Western Europe during the Bronze Age. This is the Logos of Apollo. (2) This is the worldview of Cú Chulainn, (3) who goes out actively seeking encounters with death, so as to carry out noble deeds for the eternal glory of his name and the name of his people. The warrior elite also includes the priests and philosophers of the tribe, who heroically face death on the battlefield of ideas. Merlin, of Arthurian legend, is one of the great Celtic examples of this kind of warrior philosopher. Fionn Mac Cumhail is also a warrior philosopher, who faces death in his visions of the future.

The Indo-European warrior had a passion for the Real, for the Authentic, for that which lies beyond the illusion.  And as Socrates puts it, the only thing we can never fake is our own death.

In the passage towards death the hero conquers death, takes responsibility for his own death, and so for his own life.  In short, he becomes an individual. As Hegel wrote, the only true freedom is the freedom to do one’s duty for one’s people freely and willingly. Freedom and Virtue are the same thing.

And what is it to be responsible? Is it not to choose to respond to the call of the Other? To respond to the call of death, to respond to life, to respond to the Law of the Father, to God. To respond as one person, as an individual, who is at the same time a warrior of the tribe, who’s life and honour flow from one’s very choosing to belong to, and to be in service of, the tribe.

And this responsibility is grounded in faith.  Faith in the transcendent – that which transcends the cycle of time.

The Logos of Cybele and Magical Thinking

Magical thinking allows no space for faith, for the transcendent.  Because magic is a formula which works every time. It proves itself to be true. And even if it’s seen not to work – the blame is just put on the magician or shaman for not following the formula in sufficient detail. Magic allows no space for individuation.

The sedentary, Neolithic, farmers of Europe had a cyclical conception of time. Nothing really ever happened, because time just repeated itself over and over again, as the sun rises every morning, and the spring follows every winter.

To be sure, sometimes the cycle of time needed some help. Mother Earth had to be seduced into awakening every spring. Magic is always a seduction. A creation of desire where desire is feared not to exist. And since time never really went anywhere, it could even be seduced into reversing.  The Logos of Cybele is a world of magical reversals, from male to female – and female to male. And from life to death and vice versa.  It is an androgynous and nebulous world, a world where the Great Goddess can beget her young with no need of man. (4)

As Professor Dugin points out, the religion of the Great Goddess, the Logos of Cybele, was assimilated into the Druidic religion of the Indo-European Celts, and was later carried over into Irish Christianity with many of its most important features unchanged. (3) During the abortion referendum, the Irish Times crowed that Saint Brigid was an Abortionist.  They had found a story where St. Brigid was supposed to have caused a pregnancy to disappear. No doubt this was a story that had its origins long before Christianity – or was a carry-over of magical thinking into the Christian era. What was really interesting about this incident was that the supposedly most “progressive” newspaper in Ireland, the Irish Times, pointed to the Logos of Cybele as progress over the Logos of Apollo. Where St. Patrick, and the Druids before him, had managed to harness the Logos of Cybele within the Logos of Apollo, here we had the Logos of Cybele breaking the reins the Indo-European warriors had put on her, and reclaiming Europe as her own.

The cults of Cybele are orgiastic, in which the self becomes merged into the rapture of the crowd – as we saw in the Bacchic orgy in Dublin Castle following announcement of the referendum result. Dublin Castle was thronged with supporters of abortion, mostly young females, celebrating the fact that they could now kill their own children. The location was apt.  Dublin Castle is the bastion from which the English invaders had launched countless genocidal campaigns against the Irish over a period of eight centuries. Where famine and the sword failed, perhaps the abortion abattoir will now succeed.

The Pro Life Movement in Ireland had tried to run a campaign based on science and facts – the Logos of Apollo.  But this wasn’t about science and facts, this was a rebellion of the Logos of Cybele against science and facts. Against all of those scientific and moral facts was one magic word, one powerful magic talisman – the word “Savita.”  Savita Halappanavar was a young Indian migrant who had come to Ireland to work as a dentist.  She presented at an Irish hospital in October 2012, apparently about to miscarry her baby. Unknown to the doctors, she had contracted EColi ESBL, which was very rare in Ireland at the time and Irish doctors were not looking out for it. It’s standard procedure in Irish hospitals, and in most hospitals in Europe, to allow a miscarriage to take its own course naturally, unless there is some sign of infection. The Irish doctors failed to recognise the infection in her blood and both she and her baby died within days. She had asked for an abortion soon after entering the hospital.  An immediate delivery of the baby could have been carried out under Irish law to save the mother’s life and health, but doctors failed to detect the rare infection. Now, an abortion would not have saved her life, as her blood was already infected with EColi ESBL. It must also be said that in Irish hospitals patients are not allowed to diagnose themselves and prescribe their own treatment to doctors who have decades of training and experience. In fact, Ireland has among the best maternal outcomes in the world, higher than the UK or the USA, both of which have had abortion on demand for decades.  Irish maternal care has been so outstanding because our Irish doctors and nurses are allowed to see two patients in every pregnancy – not just the “choice” of one of them.

But, none of these facts mattered to the Rebellion of Cybele.  The word “Savita” became a magic talisman which shut down all rational debate.  The entire Liberal media, with one voice, told us that Savita – a middle class dentist – “had been allowed to die because of Ireland’s outdated Catholic laws on the right to life of the unborn.” And the fact that Savita was a middle class dentist did make all the difference in the world. The Irish middle classes and their Liberal media would not have cared a damn about a poor Indian woman – or a poor Irish woman either. But, a middle class woman being denied “choice” is a serious matter. The magic talisman “Savita,” seduced the Irish majority into an amorphous and unthinking mass, that revelled in its rejection of logic. 

And, what of the old and middle aged in Ireland?  Those we might have expected to be less vulnerable to media generated hysteria?  Those who might have been expected to hold the line for the Logos of Apollo?  Well, they also want to be young – to be with the young set.  Age is regarded as stupid.  Death as a stupid inconvenience. The thinking of the old and middle aged in Ireland has been shifted from the rational to the gut wrenching feeling of being left out – being left behind.  Loss of our roots in the Irish language and culture has made us easy prey. Easy to confuse and bully. Always running after the latest fad from New York and London.  On Good Friday this year, the front page of Ireland’s biggest selling newspaper, the Irish Independent, had a photograph of a 90 year old granny pouring a pint of Guinness on Good Friday in her pub. In 2018, the great freedom of selling alcohol on the day Christ was Crucified was brought into Irish law.  It was as if this old granny had waited all these years and decades to be liberated – to be able to profit from pouring pints for thirsty drunks on Good Friday.

Yes, science must be denied – it’s too patriarchal – so babies growing in the womb are not alive – until the mother says the magic words “I want you to be alive.” Abortion, it seems, can even cure EColi ESBL. Nonsense, of course, but statements such as “Savita died from lack of abortion” are not meant to be claims of fact.  They are evocations of magical desire – the desire to Repeal the 8th – to Repeal the Male God. And that’s why arguments of fact were never going to work.  Facts were just felt as a Patriarchal suppression of desire.

Repealing the 8th wasn’t about changing the world.  Repeal was a reaction to Ireland daring to change the world in 1983 – when we had voted to recognise the right to life of every human being. Repeal was a reversal of time. Even though the abortion industry told us it was fighting for “Choice,” it was, in fact, campaigning to deny choice.  Genuine choice is always choosing to respond to a call.  Genuine choice is always choosing to be in the service of another. Abortion is the reduction of choice to mere selection – the selection of who is to be allowed to live, and who is to be exterminated.

The cyclical idea of time remains the idea of time of the vast majority of Europeans today. They know about dates and the calendar, and that Napoleon lived before Hitler, but that’s just stuff learned from books and not part of their real comprehension of the world.  Europeans don't expect anything to really change, and they don't want anything to really change.  If you look at the European Central Bank, the most powerful institution in all of Europe, it has only one mandate – price stability.  In other words, its only task is to make sure that nothing ever happens.

The task of Marxism had been to give the ordinary worker an heroic view of time, i.e. to effectively change the sedentary underclass of Europe into intellectual and spiritual aristocrats. This was the task James Connolly set himself. One can hardly imagine an event in all of history that was more aristocratic and heroic in its conception and practice than the 1916 Rising in Dublin.  Which is why the Liberal mind can never comprehend Easter 1916. 

Liberalism has the cyclical view of time, as Francis Fukuyama has pointed out. Because Liberalism itself comes from the sedentary underclasses who worked their way up to being the bourgeois servants of the aristocrats. The Liberal thinks that the world was always a liberal marketplace, and always will be a liberal marketplace, and his only role in life is to keep his head down and accumulate what he can. And an extreme example of that is Chuck Feeney or Bill Gates.  They work away accumulating billions, and then, like the good old Neolithic farmers, they give it all away again so that they get right back to where they started.

As Fukuyama infamously put it, history has ended for the Liberal.  Nothing new is expected to happen.  The Passage to Responsibility is redundant. All we need is the “business cycle” and central bank magic to make recessions disappear.

As in all things, the bourgeois Liberal wants his individuality at a discount price.  He has heard of the concept of the responsible individual from his aristocratic betters, but he has not understood it. As Nietzsche sarcastically puts it, the bourgeois believes he is responsible because he can remember his contracts.  Here, the encounter with death is avoided. The call of the Other ignored. Not only is the Liberal irresponsible, he is non-responsible. Professor Dugin refers to Liberalism as “planetary idiocy.” And we must remember that the Greek word idiōtēs refers to a citizen who keeps his head down and attends to his own private business rather than playing an active part in the communal life of his people. Professor Dugin writes, “The global rise of Liberalism is equivalent to the spread of total imbecility.”  He continues, “Man of the global world, a Liberal, accepting and recognising the normativity of the ‘American way of life,’ is the kind of person who is a patented idiot from the philosophical and etymological point of view, a documented idiot, an idiot parading his foolishness above his head like a banner.” (5)

During the abortion referendum we were treated to the slogans, “Trust Women!” “Stop shaming women!” “Let her decide!” “Choice!” “No uterus no opinion!” What these slogans really mean is – Don’t ask us to respond. Don’t ask us to explain ourselves to another.  Don’t ask us to justify ourselves or our actions to anyone who you would claim to be our people – or our God.

The Magic of Capitalism – Commodity Fetishism

Scottish anthropologist, Sir James George Frazer, in his magnum opus, The Golden Bough (1890), carries out an in depth study of magic as it is found in cultures all over the world.  He finds that magic in every case has the very same underlying process: “Objects as such are overshadowed by the ideas representing them; what takes place in the latter must also happen to the former, and the relations which exist between ideas are also postulated as to things.”  Freud drew on this insight in his explication of paranoia.  He recognised that among those who suffer from this disorder, thoughts are felt to be omnipotent.  Thinking ill of a person, the paranoiac believes, will cause that person actual harm – and their imagined ill thoughts of the paranoiac are feared to do likewise.  Here we have, in the terms of Ferdinand De Saussure, a confusion between the signifier and the signified. In short, as with a Voodoo Doll, the word or thought which represents an object is held to be the object.

Magic is obsessive compulsive in its nature.  It has strong elements of sexual perversion.  Desire can only be aroused by obsessive rituals which must be followed in the most precise detail.  Any error will allow desire to vanish, or turn to disgust.  Hence the violent behaviour of many of the Abortionists, “the Repealers,” during the referendum which seemed inexplicable to us. Hence the Abortionists setting up the so called “Repeal Shield,” on social media which blocked anything or anybody which might upset the conjuring of magical desire.  Freud and Marx speak of the fetish object.  For Freud, it was something like a shoe which came to represent the female genital for the fetishist who could not come to terms with the real female genital. For Marx, the fetish object was the commodity, on which Capitalism is built.  In the famous section on Commodity Fetishism in Chapter One of Das Kapital, Marx writes,

A commodity seems at first glance to be a self-evident, trivial thing. The analysis of it yields the insight that it is a very vexatious thing, full of metaphysical subtlety and theological perversities. As mere use-value, it is a sensual thing in which there is nothing portentous, whether I happen to consider it from the viewpoint that its attributes satisfy human needs or that it obtains these attributes only as product of human labour. There is absolutely nothing of a riddle in the fact that man changes by his activity the forms of natural matter in a way which is useful to him. The form of wood, for example, is changed if one makes a table out of it. Nevertheless, the table remains wood, an ordinary, sensual thing. But as soon as it steps out as commodity, it metamorphoses itself into a sensually supersensual thing. It does not only stand with its feet on the ground, but it confronts all other commodities on its head, and develops out of its wooden head caprices which are much more wondrous than if it all of a sudden began to dance.

In the late 1920s, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, a scoundrel of the lowest order, but one well-schooled in the frailty of the human mind, was employed by the US tobacco industry to make cigarettes appealing to women. For the 1929 New York Easter Sunday parade, Bernays hired a group of fashion models to walk in the parade smoking cigarettes under the banner “Torches of Freedom.” The media went wild for the stunt (or perhaps had been paid to go wild), and for the rest of the century, tens of millions of women around the world developed an almost unshakable believe that consuming tobacco made them free. The signifier, cigarettes, had created the signified, the liberated woman. The commodity had reshaped reality in its own image.

Today, abortion has become the commodity that reshapes the world in its own image. It reshapes women not as liberated individuals, but as sterile, sexless, beings.  As transsexuals.  Beings that have the shape of a woman, that men can consume pleasure from, but not beings with the miraculous power to bring life into the world. Where once “transsexual” was the distorted image of “woman,” today “woman” is the image of “transsexual.” The signifier and the signified have suffered a magical inversion. The commodity has taken the place of reality.

During the referendum, we had a young girl on Twitter selling nude pictures of herself.  Her price?  That young men would send her proof that they had registered to vote.  She assumed that young men would be voting for “Choice.”  Now, it would be easy to dismiss this case as one of those extremes that the internet provokes, but the truth is that this young girl really got it.  She really understood what “Repeal” was all about.  It was about the commodification of the female body.  The female body as fetish object – as seducer of the Real. 

As Marx points out above, not only do commodities create reality, but they speak to each other and create a hierarchy among themselves, and thus a hierarchy among human beings.  Today, a baby is on the lowest level.  So low that he or she does not even have the right to live.

Like the 1916 Rising, the conception of a baby breaks the cycle of time and brings something utterly new into the world. The slogan “She decides” denies the newness, the singularity, of an infant life.  Reduces it to a mere consumer choice.  In effect, a commodity.  And a commodity can never be singular, can never be new. One commodity is always replaceable by another commodity. Perfect interchangeability is the sine qua non of the commodity.  Every child is now to begin life as a commodity – as private property – private property that can be killed according to the desire of its owner.

The Body Without Organs

Professor Dugin writes: “A charmed world is one in which there is no barrier between idea and realisation.” If we can think of two men married to each other – then they can be married to each other.  If we think a man can be a woman – then he can. 

In their book, Anti-Oedipus, Deleuze and Guattari imagine a body without organs. A human being not tied down to the reality of the flesh.  They imagine a schizophrenic walk - a person who has become nothing more than intensities of desire – unobstructed by the Real of the body.

The modern Liberal state regards each individual as an atomized being, with a separate and private relationship to the state. So, a Nigerian with an Irish passport is to be regarded as perfectly interchangeable with a Gael with an Irish passport. In effect, the Nigerian and the Gael are annihilated, and replaced with a bodiless legal entity called the citizen – or, these days, mostly just known as “the consumer.” Everything that made him human, i.e. his language, culture, family, friends, his place as a father, a son, a brother, are made irrelevant.  And such bodiless legal entities can, of course, contract a bodiless, gender neutral marriage.

But, as Freud writes, the repressed always returns.  The body may be repressed and made to disappear for gender neutral marriage (even the consummation of marriage has had to be dropped from the law, as how does one consummate a bodiless marriage?) But, desire unbridled from the body may still fixate on the benefits of the body – bodiless marriages often desire embodied babies. And how can that happen?  Why only by renting out the wombs of poor women. Here, abortion is very much to the fore.  Because when wealthy white men want blue eyed blond babies, their way to commoditize their dream involves the bodies of poor women – a poor white woman to sell her eggs, and a poor brown skinned woman to carry the baby in her womb for nine months.  And those babies who the IVF process creates in excess – are subject to “foetal rationalization,” i.e. extermination.

The Return of the Logos of Apollo - The Quilting Point

Professor Dugin explains how the vertical order of the Indo-European tribes managed to reinterpret the Logos of Cybele in terms of patriarchy. (5) It’s almost criminal in today’s Ireland to say this, but I believe a certain amount of patriarchy is healthy and necessary in any society. We have the situation in the West were pretty much all commodity production and commodity advertisement is aimed at women.  You can say that this is another case of men exploiting women, but women do seem to fall for it far too easily for it not to be quite pleasurable for them. This is a world created by men according to what they think women will buy. Perhaps that's why it's so crass. It's not what men want, and it's not what women really want either. The great cultures that produced works of lasting importance had a very different idea. The Patriarch opens the space for great thinking and great art.

Regarding patriarchy, Dostoevsky wrote that if God does not exist, then everything is allowed.  In the 1960s, Jacques Lacan changed that to - If God does not exist, then nothing is allowed. Lacan was a French psychiatrist, who expressed Freudian theory through the new theoretical paradigm of Structuralism - particularly through the work of Ferdinand de Saussure and Claude Lévi-Strauss. Lacan's point is that the function of the father in the nuclear family, i.e. the Paternal Function, is to be the one that turns a blind eye to the child's naughty behaviour. And that's not in any way the same thing as ignoring it. The father gives the child the space to break the rules, and therefore come to understand what the rules are, and, eventually, to freely adopt those rules for himself. In the same way, if there is no God to turn a blind eye, then we become our own unforgiving policeman. We might suspect that God will look the other way, but we can never look the other way for ourselves. Without God, we punish ourselves for every infraction - eating butter – or chocolate – or telling a politically incorrect joke. We have decaffeinated coffee, alcohol free beer – and sex without reproduction. This is the ultimate police state. We cannot write poetry, because it will never be good enough.  We cannot paint, because all the topics are used up. And who could write a novel after Finnegan’s Wake? So, we fall into an ironic mockery of poetry and art. All of life becomes ironic. Never really there. 

Marx writes: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." I don’t think he’s saying that religion is a delusion – but rather that human beings will never fail to resist a heartless world by finding a heart in it – and religion is that heart. Unfortunately, as we saw in the recent referenda on “gay marriage” and abortion, Christianity has lost its political power in Ireland. It has retreated to the sanctuary. But still, this sanctuary is a resistance that our enemies fear. We are the shy ones at the orgy, the ones who avert our eyes from this time and look forward out of time, to the end times.

Martin Heidegger, in his Introduction to Metaphysics, writes:

All essential questioning in philosophy necessarily remains un-timely, and this is because philosophy either projects far beyond its own time or else binds its time back to this time's earlier and inceptive past.

Philosophizing always remains a kind of knowing that not only does not allow itself to be made timely but, on the contrary, imposes its measure on the times.

Philosophy is essentially untimely because it is one of those few things whose fate it remains never to be able to find a direct resonance in their own time, and never to be permitted to find such a resonance. Whenever this seemingly does take place, whenever a philosophy becomes fashion, either there is no actual philosophy or else philosophy is misinterpreted and, according to some intentions alien to it, misused for the needs of the day.

Lacan introduced the idea of the Quilting Point to psychology, those buttons which tie down the flowing masses of a quilt or cushion and give it shape – just as the father gives the chaotic thoughts of a child order and shape, in short, the Law. So too does the philosopher “impose his measure on the times.” We would be better to give the Old Father his due, and allow ourselves some freedom and forgiveness.


Karl Marx tells us that the purpose of philosophy is not just to interpret the world, but to change it.  Alexander Dugin has brought this purpose forward by giving us the analytic tools of Noomahia.  Today, those of us who hold to the Logos of Apollo are fighting a war on two fronts.  One is the total war against the Liberal individualist.  There can be no compromise here.  Liberalism is a cancer that must be defeated and utterly eradicated. The Liberal world is an Abortionist world.

But, we are also at war with those who share our communal understanding of the world, but who reject the heroic, eschatological, world view. Here we are not fighting a cancer, but the ancient mind-set of sedentary peoples – the Logos of Cybele.  For these people we are troublemakers – with our warrior ideals. They wish we would just blend into the crowd.  But we can’t do that. We cannot accept time as something that just repeats without reason, and where the industrial slaughter of millions of children doesn’t matter. We insist that time goes somewhere, and for a reason. Before he faced death by British firing squad at Easter 1916, Pádraig Mac Piarais looked to the end times and asked,

Oh Wise Men, riddle me this:

What if the dream come true?

What if the dream come true?

And if millions unborn shall dwell

In the house that I shaped in my heart,

The noble house of my thought?



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