The age of hypocritical journalism


A few days before the press conference we had seen CNN run a story connected to the Buzzfeed story based on not just faulty information, but a story so impossible to believe and moreover irrelevant to the public interest.

It cannot be qualified as journalism. What is important in real journalism is not that it is stenographer of power, but of course that the claims made can be verified and it is in the public interest. 

Of course, this story has been debunked regarding Mr. Trump and his so-called “Golden showers”. Whether or not he did this, that is his private life and it is actually irrelevant to the ability to perform in public office. It’s very interesting that in United States at this present time, when homosexuality, transgenderism, sexual fetishism and perversities are being openly promoted as a virtue, it’s of course a hypocrisy.

However, aside from that, what is very interesting to me about this showdown between the CNN reporter and  President-elect Donald Trump a few days ago at this press conference, was that for eight years organizations like CNN never once pressed Obama in that way for any of his claims. Journalists didn’t press him for any of the potential crimes that he committed going to war without authorization; the reasons he gave for not closing Guantanamo Bay; the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan; the rights that were taken away under Bush’s Patriot Act and Obama promised to restore, but didn’t do that. They didn’t interrupt Obama. This is actually proof that their 'journalists' are necessarily stenographers for power. The White House press secretary releases the press releases but journalists should ask question.

The CNN journalist’s rudeness, of course, was not that he insisted on the question, but rather the hypocrisy and irrelevance of the question. Therefore, it wasn’t a journalistic question that he was imposing on the President-elect because it was based upon claims that were false and a story that appears to have originated as a 4chan and Reddit joke.

It is very interesting to see the hypocrisy of these journalists who didn’t push Obama once for eight years and now they are acting as if Trump was the President for the last eight years. The man has not even moved into his office yet and is being blamed for things that have been going on for the last 8,16, 20 years really beginning with Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

But now, in terms of the discourse, clearly the mainstream press is at war with Trump.  And so is the Central Intelligence Agency. This was going on during the whole presidential campaign.

Therefore, In my view, this disagreement between Mr. Trump and journalists was not a matter of respect for authority, because journalists should be asking tough questions to the authorities; but this time it was different. And that’s really why we saw the reaction of the President-elect calling them out as fake news. This has never happened before and, generally, the American public liked this a lot.