Is Albania looking for rising tensions with Iran because of the MEK?

Albania has seen major changes in the country's situation in recent decades, and experienced a communist system between the 1980 to 1990, at the late life of Anwar Khoja. Albania at that time had almost no friendly relations with any country, and Khoja accused countries such as the Soviet Union and China of being too open and betraying to communist values! In 1990, with the fall of Anwar Khoja, Albania entered a new and free world. In the March 1992 elections, amid economic collapse and social unrest, Albania's old communist party, the Albanian Labor Party, was defeated in late 1996 following the actions of groups using pyramid schemes, the country's economic crisis intensified, culminating in 1997, when the country faced an armed uprising. This tendency has given Albania a new wave of immigration, with most of the migrants going to Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany and North America. Then the Kosovo war in 1999 caused many asylum seekers to come to Albania which caused a severe economic downturn in the country. Then, until 2016, there was relative calmness in the country and people were struggling with their economic problems, until Albania, under the command of Eddie Rama, gave refuge to a terrorist group, which was in the list of terrorist groups of America until 2012 and in the list of terrorist groups of EU until 2009 and some years ago worked for Saddam, the Iraqi’s dictator.  
Since the arrival of MEK in Albania, the people of this country have faced a phenomenon called a state in another state, MEK has easily violated the law by using its capital to employ influential elements in the Albanian government, especially Eddie Rama, and by paying this dirty money which has been gained by methods such as buying and selling drugs, and so on do not allow the police and security agencies to act against them.
This is the situation that even the people of this country are deprived of social justice, such as the incident that happened to George Thanasi that with the intervention of the MEK, the court, despite of the evidence against them, voted in favor of MEK. In Albania, the corruption of this terrorist group has reached a point where people can neither complain to the government nor to the judiciary. Albania in fact became a safe haven for terrorists around the world.
Eddie Rama with giving up his country to a terrorist group called MEK whose hands are dirty with the blood of 12000 innocent Iranians and inviting former Iranian queen Farah Diba ,who is an activist of the anti-Iranian royalist group, to the wedding party of the Albanian prince in 2016 that exactly coincides with the arrival of MEK to this country and the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats without any documents, in fact, by gathering all the anti-Iranian groups in this country, has declared war on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is a country that has no jokes with any country, not even the United States. after the assassination of general Soleimani by the United States, the Iranian military fired missiles to the largest US headquarters in Iraq, showing that it does not appease any country with its positions. In this case, we have seen that even the United States is not able to declare war on Iran, and Israel, which in the meantime finds itself alone and on the other hand is under siege with Hezbollah in Lebanon and is afraid to confront Iran, wants to strike indirectly at Iran by MEK, which, as we have seen, the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists was the result of the MEK’s cooperation with the Israeli Mossad. In fact, Albania, a country with peace-loving people, has become the great headquarter of terrorist organization, which has revived bitter memories for the people of this country. 
From 1967 to 1990, the communist regime in Albania created a difficult situation for the Albanian people, and now, with the presence of MEK in this country, the people's memories of that bitter period are being re-formed, population of about 3,000 in Albania, made the situation in a way that in the near future, despite having a population ratio of almost one percent with the city of Tirana, it will have representatives in parliament and other government departments, and like Saddam's time in Iraq, they will suppress and even kill the people like they did to Kurds. If MEK dominate the Albanian parliament, they will undoubtedly impose their laws on the country, and if we look at Camp Ashraf's laws, we will see options that are not in line with any human rights law that even members of this terrorist group confessed about them, such as the impossibility of marriage between members and the separation of families from each other. Undoubtedly, no country without its people and with repression and corruption will move properly. 
Eddie Rama has sheltered a group that has no value in the lives of members of MEK, as well as the Albanian people, for its leader, Maryam Rajavi. As we have seen in recent weeks, MEK have been blamed for the spread of the coronavirus in Albania and have not allowed any government officials to enter the camp, they have not even allowed government groups to disinfect the camp, and this is while the second gate of the camp does not comply with health measures, in fact, they have not provided health masks for their own members. The high age of people and living in a limited space for 3,000 people make this camp a great place to spread the coronavirus. members who become ill and die in the camp secretly buried without the knowledge of the Albanian government, and they have no death certificate, and are buried with an unknown cause of death, and if they were taken to the hospital in special cases and die there, the government and the hospital will not be allowed to autopsy to determine the cause of death. In fact, they want to keep the number of their corona patients secret so that they can get rid of the responsibility of spreading the corona virus in Albania.
At this point of time, isn't it the right time for the United Nations to act independently of American thinking and to get personally involved in the matter of MEK violating the laws of human rights?