Alt-Media Racism And The Social Yinon Plan


I'll cut to the chase -- I welcome all manner of constructive and well-intentioned feedback, and I learn the most from those who disagree with me and express themselves in an intelligent and cohesive manner, but what I absolutely don't tolerate is outright racism.

Yes, my heritage is most directly Polish, though it descends from Russian further down the line, while my other half is Slovenian.

But one's ethnicity and genes don't control their thoughts, there is no mandatory law of life which stipulates that someone who is Polish -- or any ethnicity for that matter -- has to believe or disbelieve a certain political idea.

Alleging that my Polish roots automatically discredit me from writing about Russia (or worse insinuations) is racism, fair and simple, and I don't receive these hateful attacks from Mainstream Media trolls, but from "my own side" in the Alt-Media community.

I'm not crying about it, I personally don't care too much, but I want to make a point -- just as the MSM is infested with racists and other such rabble, so too is the Alt-Media community, and the filth rises to the surface the moment that its ideological dogmas are questioned.

The cannibalizing tendency that's regularly triggered in the Alt-Media community reminds me of how "Israel" has employed the Yinon Plan of divide-and-rule identity conflict against the Arabs in the hope of keeping them embroiled in internecine warfare.

Something similar is going on here, which I call the Social Yinon Plan, and it builds off of Alt-Media racism in order to create factions and fissures in the community. And yes, it IS racism when people denounce someone else because of what they prejudge to be that individual’s political positions, basing their speculative assertions solely on that person’s ethnicity. 

MSM trolls usually limit their racist commentary to socio-cultural characteristics (so-and-so are lazy, these-and-these people are slobs, etc.), while Alt-Media ones snobbishly think they're "better than that" while hypocritically applying ethno-political racism instead.

I love the Alt-Media community and am honored to be a part of it, though I recognize the insidious tendencies within this "big tent" and think that it's about time that we all band together and 'clean house'. I, for one, won't let our community be torn apart by the Social Yinon Plan's use of Alt-Media Racism.

Let's get back to respecting one another and having civilized discourse. "Outsiders" might peer into our community and get the wrong impression that we're cannibalizing zombies who attack "our own" with a vengeance whenever our long-standing ideological dogmas are questioned.

For those of you who have a sincere interest in learning why I, as an American-Polish-Slovene, moved to Russia, I welcome you to read my answer to the first question in this interview. I have nothing else to say on the matter other than urging my "fellow" Alt-Media compatriots to show some decency and stop burning down the "big tent".