Anatomy of Modern Society

An introduction to modern social science

The current conditions of development require intellectuals, and especially sociologists, to scientifically and theoretically define and analyze the laws of development of modern society, what kind of social formation in which the world lives. Unfortunately, so far in the scientific literature we have not encountered such a phenomenon that the scientific school has given a scientific answer to this vital scientific question. Modern scientific literature in the field of sociology has acquired the character of the history of social education and does not aim to answer the current questions of science. Since there is no independent thinking in this field of science, the main fault is in the bearers of science. Scientific dependence on other intellectual spheres has not allowed us to think for ourselves. Therefore, reliance on "second hand" scientific sources does not contribute to the formation of the doctrine of national sociology according to the native scientific bearers.

The question arises for any field of science, what is the age of humanity in modern times and space, from the scientific point of view. The rotation of the Earth around the Sun and the arrival of the next millennium, if we look at it from a physical and astronomical point of view, are important in the social sciences in terms of what period the rotation of mankind has brought. It is natural to refrain from discussing this issue in such a case, but it is clear that thinking is not the answer to such an issue. The existing conditions of economic and social domination do not allow the human mind to think about this form of conditions. What are the factors that contribute to this situation in social life? Scientific consideration of this problem is a matter of urgency.

During the Soviet period of development, the problem of recognizing the formation of society, the laws of development of society, based on the Marxist-Leninist methodology, was successful in reopening the issue. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this methodology automatically left the scene, as the basis and the next superstructure were considered in a different scientific way. Thus, new scientific paradigms gradually emerged, and sociology adopted a similar approach. Scientific pluralism, manifested in the form of paradigms, currently prevails. That is, modern sociology depends on paradigms. However, in the domestic scientific society, one of the paradigms is introduced through translation and is taught as a sociology. In this case, then, in the domestic context, we get to know the literature from the point of view of others. When thinking does not know how to think and what to do, it is natural that the laws of development of society do not change at the level of imagination and thinking.

The main purpose of science in any time and space is to promote the happiness of mankind. However, it should be noted that science does not know good and evil and depends on the bearers and users of science. Nuclear weapons, if they are the product of nuclear physics and weapons of different generations, are the product of the exact sciences, and they are all directed against humanity. The creation of various viruses in the biological sciences and the artificial creation of diseases in medical science as a whole is a challenge to build the path of human development from the achievements of science. In this regard, if science does not really develop under the dominant humanist ideology, it can always work against humanity. In this case, it is necessary to think about which branch of science contributes to the formation of such a philanthropic doctrine.

As people's thinking is selfish and anti-human, other scientific studies have found the same thing. At a time when the creation of a virus is being studied in the biological sciences with the aim of harming humanity, it must be said that the nature of the school of science and researchers is inhumane. The creation of a disease has the same purpose as to afflict humanity and reduce the number of people. It should be noted that in the current context, sociological schools in some countries are a scientific problem of racial discrimination, and all over the world there is a caste system, which can lead to the formation of a "rich North" and a "poor South". The science of economics also saw man as a selfish economic being, accumulating wealth in as many different ways as possible and creating problems for others. The social space or the same socio-economic climate socializes people in this way. In other words, people are the product of an economic and social space in which all elements have a dehumanistic and non-humanistic state. So we need to find out what this space is made of and how it is shaped.

After the collapse of the socialist system on a global scale, a qualitatively new situation emerged. More precisely, in the Soviet-Socialist system, they were in opposition to the bourgeoisie and Western capitalism, and were antagonistic. It is this qualitatively new situation, which in the recent past was known as a hated phenomenon, is now the economic and social reality of post-Soviet society. It is no longer necessary to discuss contradictions and antagonisms, but how to adapt to this next system as a biosocial organism. Naturally, there is no other way but to accept it, so it is necessary to learn the basics and superstructure. In fact, today's society is capitalist by all criteria. However, this capitalist formation may be somewhat different from classical capitalism, but it is a logical continuation of the development of classical capitalism. Of course, modern capitalism is different from the capitalism of the Marx era, because the issue of virtualization of finance, the real domination of capital, post-industrial economy was not specific to the era of Marx. In this sense, the new capitalism develops taking into account the above-mentioned aspects, which can be called post-industrial capitalism.

In the conditions of post-industrial capitalism, where the economy is developing due to information and communication technologies, network marketing is emerging, which has no precedent. At the same time, the relationship between labor and wages, in contrast to classical capitalism, is disappearing. Other labor, especially physical and mental labor, is not an indicator of remuneration. In other words, labor, the result of which is material and spiritual values, is not characteristic of modern capitalism. The advent of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bookmakers, and especially network marketing has eroded the value of labor in its classical sense. Along with the growth of banking litigation, official corruption has led to the acquisition of the status of a corrupt institution by most government institutions. This formation of relations leads to a significant reduction in the cost of labor and, secondly, the cost of the able-bodied population, and especially the individual. Those who have network marketing tools, the group that manages people's money, disproportionately distribute the benefits and modernize. Modern society is the highest form of dehumanism. Man has no value in such circumstances.

In public opinion, there is a time when the current state of development is discussed, it is considered in a very specific way. This approach is used in the sense that it is a socio-economic space that does not depend on the masses. This attitude is absolutely correct, because most countries in the world have adopted modern capitalism and adapted their policies to it, rather than to oppose it. Once the state adapts to the times, it becomes mandatory for the masses. That is why the behavior of individual members of society depends on time, which has a scientific basis. In the scientific context, a phenomenon called conformism is used. Its content is that people are gradually adapting to the socio-economic space. The adaptation of people to such an environment is called modernization. If the cultural component of such a space reflects a certain value, people will absorb it. The liberal-capitalist atmosphere at the present time is a time when people are gradually being brought into line with their values. The number of people who have truly realized the essence of such a time, rationally take a non-conformist position, which has good consequences. However, the number of people who have formally taken a non-conformist position will soon be lost or diverted.

The main shortcomings of modern society are, first of all, the deadly anarchy of individual interests, antagonism between classes and classes, exploitation and inhumane oppression of the masses, and especially the poor. Through the media, the position of politics is distorted in such a way that its main purpose is to create vacancies and provide employment for the unemployed. But capitalist liberalism in the past and in the present does not and will not have this goal. Because the main purpose of modern capitalism is to create the dependence of the exploited and the consumer on the means of production and the financial oligarchy and the rulers. Increasing vacancies is a loss to capitalism, because the phenomenon of " work and wages " decreases in value. In order for the cost of work to be high, there must be a balance between unemployment and unequal employment, and as much as the cost of employment increases, it will be possible to attract people to undeclared work. This makes all people's actions to find a “pabulum” legal, and in any case, it crosses the legal boundaries and is considered in a qualitatively new way. Crowds of people are joining the ranks of criminals and extremists because they are willing to do anything to survive. Crowds of people have become the object of business and are used for subversive, military and medical purposes.