Anti-fascism, a vaccine that did not work: the sanitary variation is arrived


The amazement of those who are witnessing the birth of a new totalitarianism in a country [our Italy] that for seventy years has praised anti-fascism in all its guises is understandable. Yet, sixteen months of virus spilled in the media twenty-four hours a day, should have briefly explained how a vaccine works. The principle of which, subject to some possible corrections, should be more or less clear: by inoculating the human body with attenuated or dead viruses, one should stimulate an immune response such as to immunize us against that virus.

Unfortunately, however, since the vaccine is based on the virus it intends to fight, another one appears, perhaps similar but not the same, that vaccine will no longer have an effect. Those poor researchers who have been looking for a vaccine against AIDS for forty years know something about it, only to realize that that virus regularly changes and therefore is no longer of any use. In this case, we speak of a variant.

Since - and this has been made to understand very explicitly - there will be many variants of the COVID, every year we will have to pay the donation to the health dictatorship in the form of more or less dangerous vaccines, on whose efficacy and safety there is no question. it is a universal consensus, even if the removal of anyone expressing doubts will be proposed. Except, but it is unlikely, that a vaccine does not arrive that vaccinates us from all coronaviruses.

The above premise certainly does not serve to give virology lessons but to introduce, in the form of a metaphor, the principle that a constitution is like a human body. Whose DNA establishes the duration of its life; the diseases to which it is exposed; the antibodies he wants to give himself; the functioning of its organs. In particular, the Italian constitution was born immediately from the experience of fascist totalitarianism and was legitimately wanted to protect from the risk of the return of that dictatorship. Unfortunately, it only vaccinated itself against fascism. Which in our constitution is specifically dealt with in Article 48 of the Constitution, then ruled by the Scelba law of 1952.

No article, on the other hand, speaks to us not only of other dictatorships but above all of the general principle that defines a dictatorship. As if they wanted to vaccinate the country from a virus but not from its numerous variants. Of which, moreover, both the past history and the present one as well as the future one compared to the moment of its promulgation, the world would have provided numerous.

The result is that today we are all quite vaccinated against the virus of fascism. When we see someone who gives the Roman salute, who wears black, who uses swastikas, Celtic crosses, who refers to Mussolini calling him Dux, who dares not damn the Twenties, trying to explain why fascism has spread in this country, here it is and antibodies are activated. The victim is subjected to moral and material retaliation, ostracized, insulted, expelled from any civil forum. More or less as it happened during fascism.

And from that same Left that, for decades, has praised Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Stalin, weeping [before] bitter tears as it breathed its last breath and applauding [later] the invasion of Hungary by the Red Army. Except then, after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, to be inoculated by the Americans, who have become owners of the entire country, with the anticommunist vaccine [and] answering that yes, the USSR was ultimately fighting for a utopia but Stalin was a murderer after all.

Another lap, another race. And the variant of the American Democratic Party has arrived which, with blows of cancel culture, cosmetic progressivism, black suprematism disguised as anti-racism, homosexualism, represents the new totalitarianism of today.

By claiming to fight against the return of fascism and Nazism, the ruling classes have favored the entry of more or less deadly variants. The Italian constitution, already weak in its own right - because it was written under the heterodirection of the victorious countries of the Second World War - was vaccinated only against the virus of National Socialism. Not against the many viruses that infect a country by destroying freedom and democracy.

Again to return to the comparison with the COVID, the hierarchs of virologism argue that the spike protein will remove the chestnuts from the fire and vaccinate us against coronaviruses. This will happen, I presume - but here too I leave the word to the experts - when we identify a common thread for all coronaviruses and on which the vaccine will be structured.

I don't know if that's true. I don't know if it will really happen. If it will take many years or already in 2022 the question will have been resolved. But I always had the feeling that I have spotted the spike protein that will vaccinate us from all dictatorships.

After all, the virus of totalitarianism has common threads, by identifying which humanity can truly be vaccinated from any dictatorship. And the thread that unites all totalitarianisms, fascists, communists, health care, progressives, in general any tyranny aimed at subduing citizenship, is always and only born from the idea that the State must be the father of its citizens.

With the result that it often turns into master or godfather. Symptoms of viruses belonging to the coronavirus family and therefore to the tyrannovirus family are quite similar: exasperated statalism, oligarchism disguised as liberalism, the imposition of a newspeak, more or less official ministries of truth, criminalization of dissent, sterilization of critical thinking, the application of rights to be applied only to those who uncritically adhere to the dominant narrative and duties only to those who maintain their own autonomy of thought. Without understanding them, each country will always dribble between one totalitarianism and another, swinging from one master to another without freeing itself from the anxiety of having to have one.

The filament on which the vaccine can be structured lies in the understanding of a basically banal principle: there is no true democracy and freedom if citizens are not vaccinated against the idea of the protective State, thus resigning oneself to a minimum indispensable State and reaching that maturity that allow an individual to know how to take care of himself. And to understand that, as with mafia, the more you need protection, the more the mafia will raise the price.

There is no vaccine against tyranny except by taking responsibility for one's freedom.

Understanding that freedom first of all requires men free from any father-State who, in every declination of it, ends up becoming an unbearable master and a suffocating godfather. In summary, the real spike protein is getting rid of that coronavirus that is the cult of the Leviathan. Of which fascism was only one of several variants. To be honest, not even the most dangerous.


Original column by Franco Marino:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo