Anti NATO Rally in Belgrade


Anti NATO protest was held in Belgrade on Saturday. It was one of the most succesfull protests after Kosovo is Serbia rally from 2008. Nockdowned Serbs, overwhelmed with non functional deep dependent state with alienated rulling class and rising territorial appetites from surrounding, NATO supported states, were impossible to move towards any protest for years.

Serbs are seriously angry about the Contract signed by president Nikolic, for all the death and suffering caused by the Alliance.

What a great feeling to flow with so many people who dare to think and what's more important, to be brave enough to express their disagreement with something what was predicted to be 'a silent occupation'. After many years I saw the eyes filled up with hope aand enthusiasm. There was no fear, only that amazing flow of the energy.

NO to occupation. -  Anti NATO rally has turned into pro Russian protest. This is natural, since in the emerging multipolar world clearly distinguish two poles - one aggressive, inhuman, destructive and deadly, and the second one, with Russia as a leader,  which is more clearly profiled as an obstacle to the further destruction of free world (or at least what has remained of the freedom). Unlikely in 1999, Russia has proven to be an serious 'player' in international arena; unlikely the West, Russia have never neither attacked or bombed Serbia; on the contrary. Last year, Russia and states within her circle, have prevented miserable attempt to steal cultural and historical heritage of Serbs in the occupied Kosovo i Metohija.

The West (led by the USA), insisted that so called Kosovo should be admitted into the International body, even though that would have been a double precedent per se, since no Albanian have ever built any public building in Kosovo i Metohija, (not even in last 15 years, after they invaded it, and de facto, turned it into another Albanian state).

What the Albaninas did - they have erected a monument to Skanderbeg, who was an aristocrat of Serbian descent and that’s their own confusion and contradiction. ( The daughter of the  Prince George Skenderbeg, Angelina,  was a wife of Serbian despot Stefan.  After the death of her husband she became a nun. She spent the rest of her life spreading charity and masonry and restoring of sacred Serbian rites. Faithful, honest, great mother and perfect Christian, she trully deserved the name of Mother Angelina, as people used to call her.  Her miraculous relics, together with the relics of  her beloved gone too soon husband Stefan and sons Maximus and Jovan are stored in Serbian Orthodox monastery Krusedol.  She died in the early sixteenth century and moved into the Empire of the Immortal.  Sv. Mother Angelina’s day is celebrated with St. Jovan despot  on 10/23. December.)

Let's be homest, they have errected monumets to Bil Clinton and George Bush and other international war criminals.

Reminder: what David Talbot Rice writes in his capital work Byzantine Frescoes (Paperback, 1963):
“These frescoes from the medieval churches of Yugoslavia were painted between the 11th and the 15th centuries.
At the beginning of this period Serbia was a province of the Byzantine Empire, and many of the paintings are the work of Byzantine craftsmen. But during the next two centuries there appears a native Serbian school of painting.
As Byzantine influences waned, so the emotional qualities of reverence, sorrow and love become more apparent. The Serbian frescoes possess a beauty of line and colour and an intensity of religious feeling which places them among the great masterpieces of medieval art.”

As for the Srebrenica case, the story is even more controversal. Being in Srebrenica on July 12 became a part of protocol of globalist warmongers and Serbophobia.  Political resolution forced by all means by the parties who played the main role was not addopted thanks to Russian common sense and feeling for basic justice.

Therefore only someone who's uninformed and politically blind could be surprised by the direction anti NATO protest in Serbian capital took.

Serbia - Russia - we don't need the Union! (European Union) - The people are simply fed up with permanent list of always new requests and demands, with loss of the national sovereignity, with the fact that after every 'Brussels talks' between Serbia and Albanian invaders in Kosovo i Metohija (in reality it's always US diplomats, EU commissioners and Albanians on one, and politically correct, unexperienced in diplomacy and international law, inappropriate representatives of Serbia. People see and notice that after every agreement with 'our EU friends" (popular but annoying floscule and untrue, empty phrase)  there's less and less Serbia in Kosovo Metohija, and Albanization speeds up rapidly.

With friends like the mentioned, we don't need enemies at all. I believe that we should name such phenomena the Pyrrhic friendship by analogy to Pyrrhic victory.  

We could write essays on this subject, but I shall leave it to someone else, since there's one thing that I fail to understand. Everyone (including me) felt betraayed and dissapointed by the agreement pres. Nikolic had signed with NATO; that was casus beli for the protests.

It seemed like we finally ARE together, in huge number, and the energy was there, streets were alive... everything looked like one big promise of posssible change.

And then, the people started to leave. The protest was over, they said. Over?! Did the president withdraw his signature? No. So NATO is still allowed to destroy our 'old and useless' ammunition, enjoy the widest diplomatic imunity, etc?

Yes. But where have you gone? Instead of using the massive participation to achieve promoted goals, we have just shown that there are numerous people who oppose NATO occupation, and that they are ready to prove it.

That's something, in these circumstances, with total media block out (no media even mentioned dozen of thousands of people protesting on the streets) that's almost imposssible to achieve.

But now when we know we can, we have to establish our prioroties and goals that we want to aachieve.

No matter how skilled, if there's no clear target, every shooter is doomed to failure.