Anti-White Racism in Europe


In Europe, where we whites are still the majority (¿for how long?), racism prevails against us, the autochthonous. However, according to the official discourse, taken up by a legion of useful fools and various collaborators, Europe's plight is the racism of the Europeans against all the non-white groups that the very racist Europe has welcomed. One day the historians of the future will be drawn to the singular phenomenon that, in a distant time, the most racist nations of the earth were the ones with most foreigners in their lands, and the most astonishing fact that half humanity wanted to come to Europe, even at the risk of their own lives, to suffer the rejection and discrimination of European racists... ¡Mysteries of History and human nature!

The real problem that Europe is facing in this issue is due to the strong racist sentiment against whites among different categories of recent immigrants and the complicity of the political caste, as well as the general passivity of the victims themselves of this growing racism.

Anti-white racism is institutional, but also symbolic, discursive, factual, direct, indirect, everyday, sociological. In states that call themselves democratic, this racism cannot be explicit when it is institutional, and uses the stratagem of the neolengua, which invades public and even private discourse. The concept of "positive discrimination" appears, a pious euphemism to justify the discrimination of the autochthonous. This is the general and discursive form used to cover up institutional racism, which is expressed through economic, occupational, educational, social, media, and judicial racism, carried out against the European population.

But before the system of "positive discrimination" that is expanding to more and more areas, the same immigration disorder organized by the ruling class, which manages power for the benefit of the global hyperclass (multinationals, international finance, the Bourse, power groups...), is a form of racism, since massive immigration radically alters the ethnic composition of European nations, that is, their identity, something that can no longer be claimed without being accused of racist. It seems as if Europeans, unlike other racial groups, were not allowed to possess an ethnic identity or culture of their own, and less a territory where we can live in peace, without interference or aggression, within the framework of our customs and values.
The whites, the autochthonous population of Europe, have barely organized themselves in masse, politically, socially or culturally, for their self-defense. Yes, some immigrants have been organized, to continue pressing for more and more privileges. Many of these have the complicity of traitorous Europeans (the case of immigrants’ part of any NGO and those who support them, leftists or neo-liberals). On many occasions, certain immigrants are getting above the law.
Anti-white racism is institutional, and it is also exercised by certain groups of racist immigrants. This racism, tolerated and hidden, escapes the direct control of the political authorities, forced to maintain the fiction of respect for all races. This anti-European racism shows more clearly its true face, that of cruelty and contempt, and is even evident to some natives subjected to the permanent immigration advertising: assaults that some members of the non-European populations installed in European countries commit against Europeans for the color of their skin, racist violations against European natives by certain non-European immigrants (which systematically, and significantly, are ignored by feminist associations, self-proclaimed, defenders of "women rights"), constant racist insults at all times and places, abuses of all kinds in public and private services (not respecting the turn by certain immigrants who pass the formed line, pushing against the whites in public transport, control of institutes by immigrant who make terror on the majority (or minority) of white students, on the teaching staff, and disturbing classes, intimidation of white officials to obtain preferential treatment in different public offices, etc.) some immigrants ask for money to children in pay for using public sports courts and fields.  Needless to say, in the dominant discourse, controlled by the elite, this anti-white racism is ignored, denied, relativized, trivialized, ridiculed and even sometimes justified.

It is flagrantly racist to deny forms of racism in which the racist agent is not white. In the dominant discourse (political as well as media, academic, social, cultural...) it seems as if beliefs, attitudes and racist acts were patrimony exclusive of the Europeans, when we know that racism can and does appear in any country, and that can be directed against any people. Racism is not a European monopoly. But to say this is already considered racism.

If the facts were developed on the contrary, we would have all the immigrant groups (NGOs) denouncing the racism and xenophobia of the Spaniards, and the official media giving them support and advertising space in the meanwhile. It is also institutional racism to subsidize, generously, immigrant and endophobic groups that, under the guise of presenting themselves as human rights defenders, are dedicated to insult the Spaniards with impunity and calling them racist. Otherwise, no one speaks of the most frequent racism, the anti-white racism. In fact, no one, except some dissident media, dares to talk about the issue and denounce what must be named by its name: anti-white racism.