Are Germans natural born enemies of Poland?

Are Germans natural born enemies of Poland? Yes and no.

Are Germans natural born enemies of Poland?

Yes and no.

No, because the historical Polish-German problems have been associated in the last 160 years with Wilhelminismus – Prussian path for Germany, and with Hitlerism, which means a scam in the Nazi movement. The first was simply Prussian domination over the rest of Germany, unable to sustain a rational geopolitical course, or effectively organize the state. The second lied to the Germans promising them a real internal renewal, and then almost led them to suicide by pursuing war policy, with goals not German but in line with the interests of international financiers. So Wilhelminismus and Hitlerism were German internal errors but stimulated from the outside - they had negative consequences for neighborhood of Germans (especially for Poland) but also for themselves. Today they both are dead - because Prussia does not exist and will not be never reborn, nor is there a basis for reconstructing the Nazi movement in historical shape.

Yes - because Poland and Germany are in conflict based on authentic and easy to define territorial claims. Currently they are not articulated - but precisely because the Polish Third Republic as a whole is part of the economic organism of the Federal Republic of Germany. If this situation change – there would be a possibility to re-establish questions of restitution of German ownership and Polish-German border.

Yes - because it was rare in history (which does not mean that never) that Poland and widely understood Germany were in the same geopolitical camp (and geopolitics is what should determine the reason of the state and the political goals for the healthy state and nation). Yes - because even if Germans in the last 100 years made the right geopolitical chooses (which they didn’t) and correctly defined their enemies - Poland never did. No - because now something in the shape of Poland exists, the enemies are common, and the geopolitical interest in principle is the same. If Germany and Poland were freed from US domination and found their geopolitical Euro-Asian identity (and without the liberation of Germany, the liberation of the rest of Europe seems unrealistic), then for the first time we could permanently settle our relations.

It must be repeated again and again that the question of economic dependence of Poland on Germany is secondary to our (common) subjection to the United States. With all our negative experiences, fears and feelings towards Germany, should we, therefore, unconditionally oppose any German attempt to liberate themselves from the American yoke? No, because it was accepted and ordered in Washington D.C to let Germany colonized us economically (though in the interest of General Motors and other non-German but American and international corporations). Therefore, we should not fear Germany's self-liberation but strongly fight against German acting as a governor of Washington in Europe. It’s not easy, because the present Polish government has made Germany the second scare for Poles, just after Russia. “German candidate” is almost so insulted as “Russian spy”. Declarative “anti-Germanism” is to hide comprador character of Polish political elite. But despite of this propaganda – we, the Poles should not be afraid of some new Freies Deutschland committee or something similar. On the contrary, having a common enemy - we have (maybe only for some time, but still we do so!) common goals. And if we (together or separately) find at last our ways to the Eurasian home - there will be no reason for hostility never again.