Are National Banks Really National and Owned by States or People in the Global Neoliberal Order?

During this weekend riots in France, the protesters did something profoundly symbolic, setting on fire the French Central Bank in Paris. Molotov cocktails aimed at the Marriner Eccles building will attract some attention as they hit straight at the heart of the problem of the current battle for the soul and freedom of the mankind and that no election or protest can solve - the financial enslavement of the individuals and nations by private bankers posing as National Banks.
The process of de-statization is ongoing in the last few decades and is marked by stripping away powers and mandate of states to regulate its own affairs in many areas, including the right to create and manage its own currency. The de-statization is implemented through outsourcing the legitimate state mandate to unelected international or quasi-domestic bodies, all under the veil of false neoliberal globalism. The dead giveaway is the subtle shift in the semantics of academic and policy literature from ‘government’ to ‘governance’ that in itself marks a move away from the control models of “hierarchical, classic bureaucracy to a world of negotiation within, and between, self-steering networks”. Beautiful fancy words of “self-steering networks” for what in reality is a brutal command and control system by few globalist organizations of all state matters, and through it, the welfare of nations and individuals.
Among many areas in the last decades of such de-statization processes such as NGO-ization, agencification (transferring powers from elected ministries, changeable at elections –at least in theory - to unelected regulatory agencies), international organizations, etc., one that is less discussed even though visible for everyone to see, is the role of the Central Banks around the world. 
Central Banks and states’ monetary policy are controlled by IMF, BIS, and Financial Rating Agencies. The contemporary western Central Banks began as private enterprises under the guise of their "independence" being required for them to work for the greater good. The US dollar is a private note created by some of the largest banks in the United States through a law granted in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act and so far renewed, even though there is no audit of the FED, that many are demanding. 
And those same private banks, through their main subsidiary in Basel, BIS, Bank of International Settlement, control and manipulate the currencies of 63 other countries for their exploitation and hidden taxation. Many do not know that the National Bank of France, or Macedonia or Russia for that sake, is neither National nor People’s Bank but also a member of the BIS and thus under control of its owners, private commercial bankers.
And to further prevent any possibility of an independent monetary policy in favor of the welfare of its people by the only nominally National (or Central) Banks in the world, there is the IMF with the Special Drawings Rights (SDR) and 4 smaller satellite currencies. Through SDR the private owners of these 5 fiat currencies have the sole right of creating global money by simply adding zeroes to the computer screen to create and lend a fake credit from the thin air and to be repaid with real dollar (or in their absence by looting your nations’ natural and human resources) and with interest rates.
Financial Rating Agencies are there too, just in case if all of this doesn't yet instill some sense into the sovereign states. In essence - political instrument of global banks - Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch's can downgrade country ratings and ruin the currency as was the case with the Turkish Lira recently or earlier with the Russian Ruble, destroying the wealth of people and the economy and their international purchasing power by 10% or 30% or 50% overnight. Welfare of - in this case Turkish or Russian people and families - or any other targeted nations for that sake - be damned. The welfare of 0.0001% globalists around Soros is what matters for these rulers of the world.
In conclusion, the globalization is happening and nothing will, can, or wants to prevent it. The only thing that is sure is that it will not happen along the lines of the current neoliberal vision of abolishing the nation-states and bulldozing the borders. The real globalization, as opposed to the false neoliberal globalization promoted by the transnational global elites, will only be possible if and when the citizens, nations and the states that represent them, see an accountable, legitimate, multilateral global governance system able of promoting both universal human and mankind values and promoting the sovereignty and real diversity of nations, cultures, traditions, way of life, for both people and individuals across the world. 
Protests around the world against scientifically-unjustified lockdowns aimed at destroying the nations and individual welfare and freedoms, as to become fully dependent (enslaved) on Build Back Better – Great Reset, and acts such as setting fire on the French Central Bank, only show that the freedom-loving people around the world know what is happening and what is at stake. This is a battle for the soul and future of the humanity. Freedom or slavery, the choice is stark, and even though the battle will be far from easy, the freedom, justice, morality and righteousness always win at the end.
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