Bahrain up in Arms


 Since the year 2011, the Bahraini folk, stands before an illegitimate military occupation promoted and supported from King of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Qatar, and their Western allies. This occupation, absolutely silenced by the Western media, has brought to the country a new government with wahabite ideology, with direct support from Saudi Arabia and the petro-monarchies of the zone. 

In said year, the folk of the Bahrein’s Island, decide to go out and take the streets (at the same time as the protest against Mubarak occurred in the Egyptian Arab Republic). This protests, were headed by the brave volunteers of the Shiite party “Al Wefaq”, which with its leaders, Ali Salman and Hassan Mushaima (returned from his exile in Europe) hold up the flag of the free folks of the world and proclaim the freedom of their Motherland. 

In that moment, the protests were repressed by the new government, causing several wounded and dead in the both sites (government, and insurrectionist). Nevertheless, before the spilled blood of its brothers, the “Al Wefaq” party still advancing, spreading at this way the protests in all the Island, which, jaded of an imposed government from the outside, decide to stand up with its partners and to fight the Saudi invader.

Thus, there are already two nations which proclaims the insurrection against the King of Saudi Arabia, inside the Arabian Peninsula, counting with Yemen. The Arabian people awake against who have had all the time the monopoly of the saint places of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula since a lot of years. The same who sell themselves to the Western powers which today support them killing innocent families in Yemen, Syria, Irak, Libya, etc. They rise against the same who, since a lot of years, decided to leave the Palestinian struggle and surrender to the Zionist power, helping at this way, the repression and the exile of a whole folk which is active since the 1948.

This is their way to act, and they act in the same way everywhere. We must thanks God that his more loyal serves still up in arms against the international tyranny imposed from Saudi Arabia, and their allies like Israel, United States (today, more than never before), UK, France, etc.

We can’t forget in this enormous international conflict, the great meaning that has the guide of the Islamic revolution who operate from Iran, the Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, who, through his wisdom, inspires the revolutionaries of all free people of the world who search justice, Muslims or not. 

And now, there is no important our personal creed, but our resistance’s capacity against the tyranny of globalism and its still more cruel executioners, already named in this article before. All of us are Bahrein, every one of the fallen fighters for the freedom in the Island is like the best of our comrades. So be it, God give them the victory.