Bahrain in Terror. Does Trump come in Peace?

President Trump's „Mission of Peace” would be more peaceful if he sailed under the pirate flag and sank other ships on all the seas.

In a popular comics and film series „Mars Attacks!” green invaders from the Red Planet run all over the World shutting at everything in move and shout: „We come in Peace!”. Main line of the American global „defence” strategy always looked quite similar. Some people believed that Donald Trump's presidency could change it or at least make American geopolitics more rational and... national. After Mr Trump visit in the Persian Gulf region, Middle East and the NATO summit we know that it would be clever to believe in Martians.

President Trump's „Mission of Peace” would be more peaceful if he sailed under the pirate flag and sank other ships on all the seas. The American leader just by choosing an order of first international visits underlined that the United States (formally the World's largest power!), recognizes two even higher superpowers: Saudi petrodollars and Israeli pseudo-moral and ideological blackmail. The aftermath of Trump's Middle Eastern trip seem to be immediate. The puppet king of Bahrain, Hammad, took the opportunity to attack the Shia majority of the country's population, and another "Terrorist Incident" in Manchester (probably the next one under the false flag) gave a pretext to charge financially members of the NATO for the further costs of the “War with Terrorism”. .It is needless to say that Washington does not have the slightest intention of pursuing terrorism at its true sources - primarily in Tel Aviv and Riyadh, and just opposite- the American and British care and protection will continue to support the Saudi terror in Yemen, and now also the Wahhabi state terror in Bahrain.

Supported by Saudis and Americans, the Bahraini authorities persecute the Shiite majority for more than six years, inhibit religious education, prevent opposition activity and brutally crush any form of a criticism. Of course parallel Bahrain is in the forefront of countries supporting the world's Salafi propaganda, which is a background for terrorist provocations in the West. Just after King Hammad's meeting with Trump on the Saudi summit - the regime's troops attacked peaceful demonstrations in Shia cleric city Diraz, killing 5 people, injuring 24 and arresting more than 280. Some could say: "It's not so horrible towards the tragedy of Manchester!" but better be careful using such arithmetic, because what is Manchester compared with thousands of victims of the British rockets and bombs falling day by day on Syria? Or considering genocide in Yemen organised by Saudi  supported also by Brits? And Bahrain is just another element of this criminal puzzle that maintains an atmosphere of fear in the Western societies, gives additional sales to the American arms industry, hides the collapse of global finance and allows Tel Aviv and Riyadh regimes to survive.

Speaking with my friends in the UK I have to ask them straight:  How can the Britons calmly cry over the victims of the Manchester “incident” and at the same time support the state terrorism of the UK government and NATO?  There is a cause - there are also effects...   Trump's War World mission just before the NATO summit in Brussels already carried out a bloody harvest.  The attacks in the West are provocations but also the result of the criminal Wahhabi propaganda sposored by Saudi Arabia.  The same state which is responsible for the Genocid in Yemen and recent crime in Bahrain.   If you ask who is responsible for the Manchester attack – there are three equally correct answers: the very first – Washington, the second – London and the third – Riyadh.

But the World, however, prefers to stay silent. The World closes its eyes and pretends that believe when Trump in one sentence is connecting terrorism and ... Iran, the only country which is consistently struggling against any terrorism for more than 35 years? That's position of controlled blindness allows Manama to intensify repression. The Shiite opposition leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Ahmed Qassim under the pretext of "illegal fundraising" has just been sentenced to one year in jail for three years. It also ordered him to pay $ 265,266 in fines (in 2016 he was also stripped of his Bahraini citizenship). As always in similar situations, Bahraini regime will do anything, any crime to stay in power and of course experience teaches that sooner or later this strategy will end with the victory of the Nation - only that it may be more bloody, costs greater suffering and destruction. Today's perverted blindness of the West, which is permitting state terrorism, is not only cruel to the people of Bahrain. It also proves that the being sometimes victims of the attacks - Western society are also guilty themselves.  Stop the real bloody madmen like Hammad, let the Middle East people decide for themselves - and then in the East and in the West will be peace at last.  And any mission of the Martian, who became the American president wouldn't be needed any more.