The battle continues: Wisconsin chooses between freedom and slavery


On April 5 the next stage of primaries in the United States will take place. This time, in Wisconsin. The greatest interest is the Republican Party. Election rules allow Republican candidates to pick up the votes of all 42 delegates. To do this, one of them must win statewide vote and all of the state’s congressional districts.

Strong confrontation

Two main favorites have been distinguished in the Republican race - the representative of the transnational elites Ted Cruz and independent candidate, defending the interests of the traditional American, Donald Trump. Wisconsin is not the key state, as the number of delegates is small. However, the results can show how effwctively the campaign  against Trump works. If Ted Cruz wins - it means a chance for transnational elites. In case of Trump's victory race result can be considered foregone.

An interesting month

On April 19 primaries will be held in New York, the home state of Donald Trump. It will decide the fate of 95 votes of the delegates. And on April 26 residents of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island will cast their votes. On this day, 172 delegates will be distributed among the candidates.

Boring part

Democrats are still too predictable. Analysts and experts are struggling to create suspense out of nothing. However, the principle of proportional distribution of votes leaves Bernie Sanders no chance. Hillary Clintot is far ahead