Belgrade: The Balkan school of Geopolitics is being completed this week


This week the Balkan School of Geopolitics is being completed. Philosopher Alexander Dugin gives lectures on Noomachy (it is also a cycle of texts and researches), the chief editor of Leonid Savin participates in event.

This is the project of International Eurasian Movement (Russia). Task of School: to prepare independently thinking and competent intellectual elite of the Balkan countries (first of all, Slavic) which will promote further transformation of all space of the Balkans into a zone of sovereign policy, having turned the Balkans from an object of international policy into its subject.


First session was organized in Belgrade from October 23 till 27. Main lecturer was chief editor of Leonid Savin who presented classical school of geopolitics and international relations, theory of Eurasianism, networked geopolitics, deep analysis for Near East, Cybergeopolitics, strategy and power, multipolarity, etc.