Big protests in Israel against Tel Aviv aggression in Gaza


Hundreds of protesters have been shown on Tuesday evening, in the center of Tel Aviv, against awful murder about 60 protesters in Gaza. Protesters have been blocked about an hour on King George Street. Among protesters there were also the representatives of political movements.

On this video Adel Amer, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Israel, comments the reason of protests:

"This government headed by Netanyahu brings a disaster on Gaza, only yesterday more than 60 people". 

In his opinion, there is "no other way but to materialize the national rights of the Palestinian nation." 

"We demand a change of direction, we demand stopping the fire, we demand stopping the occupation, we demand peace", - said another participant Yaela Ra'anan, member of Other Voice (Kol Acher).

"Especially in these moments it's necessary to express a different voice, the voice we express here together, we will express it today and tomorrow and in the following weeks, we will not be silent and they will not silence us.", - said Dov Hanin, parliament member of Hadash from the Communist Party of Israel, who also participated in protests.

People on the streets were chanting – 

"Standing together, without occupation or fear"

"Standing together without violence and fear" 

"In Tel Aviv marching, Arabs and Jews" 

"Jews and Arabs refusing to be enemies" 

"No no to escalation, we don't want another war"