BJP’s Indian Election Gamble and Anti-Pakistan Rhetoric

The Führerprinzip under Modi has worsened the domestic political landscape of India. The democratic forces of the world's largest economy are being under siege by the ultraconservative nationalist. The ongoing trends in Indian politics are the reminiscent of Afghan-Jihad. The likeminded Muslim slot across the globe stood against infidels. The narrative holds eradication of far enemy first. Furthermore, during world war two Nazi Germany campaigned such notions of retribution. The dawn of twenty first century started with the new millennia. The ultraconservative forces are transforming the political trends with new strategies. A likewise trends are opening the doors of Democratic India. The BJP, ruling party in India's bashing against Pakistan believe to be the outlet of RSS which considered Pakistan in the far enemy context. In recent elections, a victory yet again over anti-Pakistan bashing has been fortunate. The adjustment of diversionary theory has been settled with new tactics for favorable ballot boxes for Modi Sarkar.
However, the Congress and liberals of India frequently pointed out that Modi is selling anti-Pakistan agenda during his campaign for state elections in Haryana and Maharashtra which is diverting the attention from challenges created by Modi in socio-economic fabrics of the India. Perhaps, politician used such kind of tactics for political gains. The major concerns for champions of secular India are the institutional imbalances.For instance; the role of Indian Army over farce surgical strike has demonstrated the ill of democratic India. During election rallies, Sonali Phogat a BJP contestant slammed crowd for not chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai. She even asked the crowd either they had come from Pakistan. The institutional imbalance resides in a way that one of the deputy commissioners Sashikanth Senthil resigned in a protest that democracy is being compromised in India. The blunt response came from BJP hawkish mindset to caste him aside with high treason or send him to Pakistan. In Houston rally, PM Modi without mentioning Pakistan slammed the country. He endorsed the horrific incident of 9/11 and 26/11 as perpetrated by Pakistan. While Pakistan asked to cooperate over the issues. Islamabad holds a policy to overcome these barriers for peace and prosperity of the region. 
India has territorial dispute with Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir. Interestingly, PM Modi has cherished Kashmir cause during election campaigns as decisive manifestation for India. The whole Sangh Pariwar (ultra Hindu Nationalists) has taken on Pakistan to achieve political leverage over other national parties like Congress. Ultimately, Modi's hot pursuit brought up a fine victory. The manifestations of Indian mass, particularly Hindu nationalist, comes true after repealed Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. Furthermore, the inborn child at Western front remained enemy in perpetuity. Prime Minister Imran Khan conveyed his message that Pakistan favors friendly relationship with India and solution of all bilateral disputes through peaceful means. PM Khan wrote in New York Times that Pakistan expected BJP bashing holds the political gain like agenda as many politicians do. Unfortunately, it was not a bluff. PM Modi was probing Pakistan into FATF blacklist. The establishment of diplomatic missions to defame Pakistan has backfired.
The International Community is acknowledging the efforts to eradicate terrorism made by Pakistan. The UNGA’s session 2019, is considered to be the embarrassing stage for PM Modi as India was unable to answer the questions stems from several international actors over Jammu and Kashmir. During the session, PM Imran Khan successfully conveyed the message for global and regional peace with honest intentions, which was applauded by international community. 
The Indo-Pak region is pushed into hostile environment due to immature political strategists by India. The power mongering by political elite has shaken to confidence of both nations to come up with twenty first century ideologues of flourishing societies. The glory of civilization has lost the pragmatic spirit in sub-continent. The foundation stones of glorious past are vanishing away as extremist climbed the pillow of peaceful coexistence. Both India and Pakistan must put an end to their enmity. There must be joint mechanism to look after the uneven developments which are marginalizing the poor. The ultraconservative approach is threatening the sub-continent peace. Pakistan and India must adopt a moderate approach rather throwing garbage at each other's end.It is also a moral responsibility of international community to take serious notice of growing anti-Pakistan bashing by Indian government led by hawkish and nationalists leaders.