The bonfires of the West


Burn, burn. Hurry up. The West that cancels itself goes on cheerful and confident towards the end of its history. It sets everything it owns to the flames and, one bonfire after another, there will be nothing but ash. Someone, something, will survive and, like the phoenix, will rise from the fire. We have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to anticipate as much as possible the final act of a dull civilization, without therapeutic fury, in the hope that something different will arise from the ashes.

Thanks to Radio Canada it became known that the bonfires of civilization have officially begun in the free, open, tolerant West. Similar to the bonfires of the vanities in Savonarola's Florence, they erase not symbolically, but physically, the practical signs of civilization, with the approval of power.

In 2019 the Catholic School Council (!!!) of Providence, Ontario, burned thirty books and comics and withdrew five thousand copies of them from libraries, as they “spread stereotypes”. Among them, the comics of Tintin and Lucky Luke stand out. Tintin is a very popular “comic” by the Belgian Hergè, the adventures of a young globetrotting reporter, whose antagonists are spies, counterfeiters, drug traffickers and slavers. Not even this was enough to save the boy with the blond tuft from the bonfire. Lucky Luke is a gunslinger from the West so skilled and fast that he fires faster than his own shadow, who thanks to his ingenuity often manages to win without resorting to weapons, always maintaining absolute imperturbability. At the end of each story, the hero's profile goes away singing a sad ballad: “I'm a poor lonesome cowboy far away from home”. Not even this migrant side in spite of himself and the intention not to use weapons saved him from the iconoclastic fury of the Canadian arsonists.

The bonfire took place as a purification ceremony. After carrying out their task, the eminent school counselors buried the ashes “in the hope that we will grow up in an inclusive country where everyone can live in security and prosperity”. This is how the video of the stokers on the ceremony of “purification through flames” affirms, with the usual passwords - photocopy of the progressive galaxy: safety, inclusion for “everyone”. Everyone: a pronoun with an inverted meaning. The bad guys are excluded and delivered to the flames. Other similar bonfires were planned, but were suspended following the pandemic, which had at least this positive effect.

According to the frowning investigations carried out by the woke - awakened - Canadians, the story “Tintin in America” ​​contains “an unacceptable language”, “erroneous information” and – oh!, a “negative presentation of the indigenous peoples” as well as a “defective representation of the indigenous peoples in drawings”. That is, it was not politically and artistically correct. As for the free expression of creativity, it is the legacy of times asleep, fortunately defeated by awakening.

The accusation against Tintin, who cannot defend himself since his creator is long dead, is of using the expression “a real redskin!” and then rushing to photograph him. We do not know if the indignation concerns the violation of the right of image or the fact that the unsuspecting Tintin did not use the more correct definition of “Native American”, now mandatory. The Temple of the Sun, another adventure of the reporter, has had better luck. It was withdrawn from the shelves, but was not the subject of the ritual burning. They limit themselves, their goodness, to preventing it from being read: it is called censorship. Every new religion - even if materialistic and inverted, the culture of cancellation is a secularized theology - needs its rites, interdicts and absolute enemies, or scapegoats. Lucky Luke, on the other hand, did not escape the bonfire. The “awakened” have noticed in the stories of him “an imbalance of power between the whites and the natives, perceived as the bad guys”.

The promoter of the initiative is an “independent researcher”, “guardian of native knowledge”, Suzy Kies. She is not independent at all, as she is linked to the progressive liberal party of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As for the “native” knowledge of the Indians - sorry Native Americans - she is rather a further manifestation of the usual desire for revenge and self-destruction (“cupio dissolve”) of the West at the end of the line. Her party website calls Kies “an urban native of Abenacian descent”. Oh, exciting, progressive postmodern “contamination”. Since 2016, she has been the local vice president of the center-left Canadian Liberals. The culture of cancellation, which we call “Will of impotence” has an address, names, surnames, protagonists, supporting actors and extras. On the left and in the mottled liberal universe. Ms. Kies works on various projects similar to the comic book bonfire. At the expense and on the shoulders of the Canadian taxpayer. Long live liberal and progressive democracy!

In the tragedy Almansor (1823), the German romantic poet Heinrich Heine - a Jew - wrote that “where books are burned, in the end men will also be burned”. He wasn't wrong. There have been several book fires, starting with the library of Alexandria, the cradle of ancient knowledge, by Sheikh Rahman. A little over a century after Heine, the Nazis burned thousands of books in Germany. It was May 10, 1933, in Berlin, Opera Square, a temple of musical culture. Many inspired Nazis - animated, mind you, with the best “inclusive” intentions for all - are dozing everywhere. Or maybe some strange Taliban act in reverse, with similar results. Among those who burned books in Berlin were many students, but also teachers and men of culture. The same ones who should have taught the spirit and letter of culture and science. Far be it from us to assimilate them to the “native” Canadian, but the result is the same: physical and symbolic destruction of what is not liked and does not correspond to one's own vision of the world. Isn't liberalism - the party of Kies - the ideology that respects and defends every idea?

In the “free” third millennium, in the heart of the West, Tintin and Lucky Luke, two comics characters, not philosophers or political agitators, suffered the fatal wrath of self-styled educators who prefer to erase history than to explain it. Tintin, a character we love, like Corto Maltese, doesn't need our defence. But how can one accuse him of racism - all progressive psalms end in glory - if in one of his best-known stories about him (Tintin in Tibet) he is able to travel to the Himalayas to free a Chinese friend?

The truth is that the (Catholic!) School board which, at the instigation of the indigenous, urban and very liberal activist, thought that the flames will lead to the bright future of an “inclusive” country, actually applauded a road that leads to violence, the most blind intolerance, the prohibition of freedom. The thought (thought?) Woke, the practice of cancellation and many other subcultural fashions are the greatest threat to liberties and reason, the “immortal principles” that they say so dear. Schools, universities, the media, not to mention advertising, are crowded with moralists and moralizers busy suppressing knowledge so that no one gets offended (except heterosexual whites, of course). Their idea of ​​inclusion consisting in excluding knowledge, confrontation and reason from any educational process, is equivalent to a political process in which the accused is without defence and speechless and the accuser is the judge and executor of the sentence. In postmodern societies, the key lies not in the fact that one is right, but that the other is to blame.

We know whom the initiative comes from, who are the mean executors and dealers of the culture of cancellation. It is time to wake up - but for real - from a sleep that began with the French Revolution and go on the attack. Enough accommodation, reticence, fake resistance. Today we must drink the bitter chalice all the way up to hasten the dissolutive process underway, which has reached the point of no return. However little the right-left axial distinction is worth, the judgment of a contemporary of the French Revolution remains valid. Observing the position of the forces in the parliament, he noted with dismay that “the right side of the assembly is occupied by men whose less pronounced opinions give a character of cowardice, very fatal in the current circumstances”.

The initiative is always in the opposing camp of those who are successfully completing a centuries-old work of destruction. Its is the symbolic and moral domain. We see the results, not only in Canada. The useless, plethoric, very expensive European Parliament has tried again these days: it wants to impose gay marriages, with the aim of getting its hands on children. A resolution was approved - with a majority in which most of the liberals sided with the rest of the left - requiring same-sex spouses in any Member State to be recognized throughout the European Union. By the admission of its supporters, it is the first step to impose the recognition of homogenous parenting.

“Now the Commission must follow up on the commitments made with the November 2020 LGBTI strategy and present a legislative initiative on mutual recognition of parenthood as soon as possible”, ruled Yuri Guaiana, from the secretariat of +Europe!, (liberal and radical). The resolution, regardless of the fact that the issue is the exclusive competence of national States, explicitly calls for measures against Hungary, Poland and Romania, guilty of not adapting to the anti-family and pro gender agenda.

In Italy it is not better. On 9 September the United Sections of the Court of Cassation - the highest instance of the Italian jurisdiction - ruled, after a twelve-year legal battle, that “the Crucifix at school is not an act of discrimination”. Not before time, it would seem. But no. The sentence is a further step towards the most total cultural relativism, as well as the oblique intrusion - yet another - of the judiciary within the legislative power. The Supreme Court (they say so ...) ruled that “the school director's circular letter, consisting in the pure and simple order of posting the religious symbol, does not conform to the model and method of a dialoguing school community”.

No, it is not the evaluation of the model of society or of the educational principles that is asked to a judging body, but to decide according to the law. The Court has set up the trap with a fake Pilate reasoning, an exercise in moral and value relativism. It writes verbatim: “the classroom can welcome the presence of the Crucifix when the school community concerned independently evaluates and decides to exhibit it, possibly accompanying it with symbols of other confessions present in the class and in any case seeking a reasonable accommodation between any different positions”.

For the Supreme Court, the Crucifix must therefore be put to a vote, at most exhibited in a symbol fair, a gadget among others, waiting for someone, having obtained the removal, to ask for the bonfire. What “accommodation”, then, if the sentence recognizes that “the Crucifix represents the lived experience of a community and the cultural tradition of a people”. Why, then, should it be equated with religious symbols that have little or nothing to do with Italian history and identity? And why should each school community, perhaps on the basis of pressure, arrogant claims or threats, choose whether to show it or not? The Crucifix, beyond any confessional consideration, is not put to the vote. The time it happened, a troubled majority chose Barabbas.

We are faced with yet another case of cultural cancellation, with the aggravating circumstance of coming from a pulpit - the Supreme Court with joint sections - which makes jurisprudence. Good for the decision on the permanence of the symbol of two thousand years of faith and civilization, but the basic question remains unresolved. They exhort, force dialogue as a panacea for every problem, but in order to dialogue, we must first of all know who we are. To welcome, we must first know and claim our roots. This must teach the school.

In France, President Macron offers free contraceptives to young women; free abortion is now an acquired right everywhere, while the request is being made to legalize euthanasia and liberalize some drugs. Everywhere in the West, in different ways, on different themes, the cheerful, sanitized morgue, the nihilism of cancellation, happy suicide is rampant.

We would like to shout that we must resist, defend monuments, names of streets and squares, festivals, spiritual traditions, free cinema and literature and even comics. Unfortunately, the fire is raging everywhere. The bonfires are too many, there is not enough water to put them all out. Standing among the ruins, we wait with peaceful firmness - we or the next generation - to find new lymph in the scattered ash. And let the dead West bury his dead.


Original column by Roberto Pecchioli:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo