Can Donald Trump be disabled?


The frivolization of the coronavirus by Trump as well as his delay in adopting surgical measures in the main foci of transmission of the coronavirus in the United States have resulted in a real nightmare with its consequent side effects in the form of a trail of deaths (more than 100,000 deaths) ), collapse of medical services, paralysis of productive activity and recession of the US economy. Likewise, the collapse of the oil price would have caused nearly 200 bankruptcy declarations of companies dedicated to shale with an accumulated debt of nearly $ 120,000 million that will subsequently affect the income statement of large banks such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo and that could lead to a new financial crisis in the future.

On the other hand, the inaction of the companies would have triggered a stratospheric increase in unemployment to 24 million unemployed, which together with the foreseeable stock market crash on Wall Street will end up diluting the beneficial effects of Donald Trump's economic policy and causing the disaffection of the population segment of its voters (40% of the electorate) in the next Presidential elections in November. Indeed, the latest opinion polls show a majority repudiation of American society in the face of Donald Trump's management of the COVID-19 pandemic and a worrying drop in his popularity on the eve of the Presidential Elections in which Joe Biden would already be ahead of him. at 5 points.

The rise of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the explosion of urban violence in the city of Minneapolis after the brutal death by asphyxiation of a defenseless George Floyd in a new excessive and clearly racist action by the forces of public order, caused that the metropolitan areas with high rates of African-American population (New York, New Orleans, Washington, St-Louis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cleveland and Chicago), exploded in massive mobilizations where social demands would intermingle with the of racial segregation, the reissue of the Peaceful March on Washington not being ruled out (Martin Luther King, 1963). Thus, the traumatic shock generated in American society by the chilling images of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers would be causing a profound catharsis and metanoia of society as a whole that will make it review the foundations that supported it and that would have its reflected in the generalization of peaceful protests against racism in the main cities of the United States.

However, Trump's paranoia would have been aggravated by being affected by the so-called "hydris syndrome" cited by the English doctor and politician David Owen in his work "The Hybris Syndrome: Busch, Blair ant the Intoxication of Power". This term comes from the Greek word "hybris" which means excess and in his work, Owen defines it as "the exaggerated self-confidence of politicians when they reach power carries with it the excessive confidence of the Subject in himself, which may lead to an abuse of power (autocracy) ”, and that would have its paradigm in the attempt to apply the Insurrection Law that would entail the use of the Army and that would be framed in its new electoral motto for the Presidential elections in November (“ The President of Law and Order ”).

James Madison, one of the Founding Fathers and considered the Father of the Constitution, stated that "the accumulation of all powers in the same hands constitutes the very definition of tyranny" and Thomas Jefferson, another of the Founding Fathers and editor of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of 1776, left written that "Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, so that when a form of Government becomes destructive for these purposes, the people have the right to alter or abolish it as well as to institute a new government ”.

Consequently, the attempt to militarize the entire country would have caused concern in the dominant US establishment that would be reflected in the statements of Defense Secretary Mark Sper, who is opposed to the application of the Insurrection Law after stating that " racism is real in the country and we must do everything possible to recognize it, stand up to it and eradicate it ”and the media eruption of ex-Defense Secretary of the Trump Administration, former Navy General James Mattis, acquires special relevance when accusing Trump to "try to divide us and the need to unite without him, taking advantage of the forces inherent in our civil society."

This would mean de facto that the establishment would have already considered Donald Trump amortized and will proceed to his political neutralization after declaring him "mentally unstable" and applying Amendment 25 of the Constitution that provides for the succession of the president "if the vice president and most of his the cabinet considers that he is mentally or physically incapacitated to exercise his office", with which his Vice-President Mike Pence would assume the Presidency until the holding of the Presidential Elections. The post-Trump scenario will represent the rediscovery of values already forgotten in the American collective imagination such as respect for the environment, the implementation of renewable energies, and solidarity and equal rights in a new stage that will symbolize the reissue of the New Deal of Roosevelt.