Cancel culture: Wikipedia and the University, two faces of the idiocratic monster


Analysing the French decline, I realized the existence of two executioners of the mind and intelligence of Francophones, the first being the French University which practices a stubbornly, irrational and institutional leveling down, the second being computer media, the most effective agent of which is Wikipedia. University officials act in concert with Wikipedia censors, when they are not the same people. The current wave of cancel culture, namely the ban from the Internet of dissident philosophers and writers, is only the culmination of the establishment of cretinism at the state level: a magma of uneducated anthropoids will never be a danger for a tyranny.

Here is a real example of the convergence between academic dunces and Wikipedia censors that I have seen and continue to teach across the world. In 2012, my French Wikipedia page was deleted: whereas it had been created when I had published only my first two books, my presentation in French language was deleted although I was the author of thirteen published books and winner four international literary and scientific prizes. In other words: as soon as my iconoclastic thought could have taken on a certain media scope, a censorship ukase arrived immediately so that its reach for the public was reduced to a minimum. The French-speaking reader can still read the decision of the mentally deficient writers of Wikipedia, who proceed to a collectivist vote on the pretext that the systemic newspapers refused to mention my work:

The ridiculousness of this scandal of French Wikipedia shamefully participating in censorship and foul plagiarism lies in the fact that the decision concerning my page was treated by a "false-nose" (sock-puppet), which has since been banned as such (, and approved by other “false noses”: In other words: they were computer crooks using Wikipedia for their own ideological gain. And the height of this humiliation: Wikipedia has banned them itself! The mentally disturbed of the Wikipedia continue to apply an order of doctrinal censorship passed by French university professors attempting to annihilate the doctoral thesis of their competitors, professors that the Wikipedia administration itself had driven out. Wikipedia therefore never calls into question the dishonest acts of those it had banned when it comes to ideological censorship. And when Wikipedia administrators are alerted to these acts of censorship in which Wikipedia engages, this garbage chuckles and hides behind new censorship. Wikipedia is therefore a source of systemically biased information and therefore cannot be consulted by anyone seeking objective information.

On the other hand, what the candid reader will not find immediately is that the erasure of my Wikipedia page was done for a specific purpose, that of allowing the plagiarism of my doctoral thesis on Nietzsche and Nabokov supported with Professor Quillier at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in 2011 ( and published in Paris at Hermann ( https: // www. as well as by the National Workshop of Reproduction of ANRT Theses in 2014:

It is essential to know the following fact: the vocabulary and the turns of phrase used by the editors of Wikipedia and available online were almost always taken from the reports of the National Council of Universities (CNU) resulting from the qualification procedure, this Stalinist resurgence in France established in 1945 which forbids me to even seek a post of lecturer in a French university on the pretext that I would have badly proved the link between the philosophy of Nietzsche and the work of Nabokov.

At the same time, the same members of the National Council of Universities who had obtained positions as French university professors by slandering my doctoral thesis promoted and applauded the plagiarism of my doctoral work which stole not only all of my discoveries but even title of my thesis, Nabokov and Nietzsche. This plagiarism was finally published in London at Bloomsbury Publishing House in 2018 and was rewarded with a prize awarded by the same system1. The only difference: the plagiarists have withdrawn all the anti-systemic and politically incorrect conclusions from my doctoral thesis: the authors I have studied are no longer opponents of feminism, egalitarianism or democracy, nor racialist as they actually were. Above all, neither Nabokov nor Nietzsche in this plagiarism no longer despises the cowardly and spineless academic plebs:

As luck would have it, when this fraud was launched administratively in a British university, namely in 2012, my French Wikipedia page was deleted, censorship which was then also applied to the German and English versions. The only Wikipedia page that continues, vandalized and blocked regularly, is the Russian one.

All attempts to reestablish my page in English, German and French, despite my 17 published books and my 7 international awards, were immediately swept away: Anatoly Livry is banned by Wikipedia's lifetime system in languages widespread in the West and this censorship is the work of French university professors who write Wikipedia, who allow the plagiarism, and therefore the erasure, of my iconoclastic scientific discoveries. University professors who teach this outrageous rubbish at universities in Eurasia2 even have criminal complaints lodged against me by officials of the French University where they demand from the administration of their faculty that the legal fees generated by these slanderous depositions be paid for, in one and only one goal: to be able to censor my scientific discoveries, my articles in philosophy and my public declarations again and again (

In order to dishonour the French University, this temple of idiocracy in France since 1944, I present my file each year to the National Council of Universities to have the right to seek a post of lecturer in France and immediately forward to my biographers academic, those corrupting calumnies that these apparatchiks produce to the greatest shame of the French academic system.

Wikipedia is therefore only an institutional extension of this rabid and senile sheep that the French University has become.


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