Casus of Macedonia, or NATO and EU (again) on Hitler's Path

Photo - MaxPixel
Photo - MaxPixel

Greeks and Albanians have changed the name of the state of Macedonians – to let it be ruled by... Americans.

At the request of the Greeks, without the support of the majority of Macedonians expressed in the referendum (boycotted effectively by patriotic forces) - - first, the Macedonian Parliament voted (with prevailing Albanian votes) for change the name of the Macedonian state, what was then kindly accepted (despite of the protests of Greek – in turn – nationalists) by Greek politicians running all this idiotic and harmful adventure acting in the interest of Americans. Let us emphasize - national forces in both countries have opposed the deal, contained by the corrupt elite evidently against the Macedonian as well as Greek raison d'État. And at last, on 6th February 2019 the Permanent Representatives to NATO of the 29 members of the Alliance signed the Accession Protocol for the future Republic of North Macedonia… Now it has to be accepted by the Parliaments of all the member states. Unfortunately, because these are still nothing more, than American colonies – probably it will be only a formality. But if the member nations could decide themselves - there would be a chance!

The Macedonia-Greece Agreement opening the door to the absorption of "Northern Macedonia" by NATO and the EU - however, it is not at all as original in international relations. We remember that the Czech Republic also agreed to become a German protectorate, and in return, Hitlerstopped blocking the absorption of the Czech Republic by the Third Reich...

Who Will Benefit from the Anschluß of Macedonia?

Meanwhile, analysing clinically- identified threats to the security of Macedonia are divided into:


1. the threat of Civil War and / or Albanian irredentism;

- EXTERNAL, from:

1. Kosovo,

2. Albania,

3. Greece.

The question is: against which of these threats can Macedonia ("Northern") be defended by NATO?

Next - the economy of Macedonia is based on agriculture (and excellent food), services and small industry, mainly agri-food processing. The country can, however, earns on its geographical location: the potentially optimal route of the South Stream Pipeline supplying European energetic sector. Nothing should prevent Macedonians from rejecting the dictates of the World Trade Organization and Western advisers – and choosing the path of internal development (e.g. on the Belarusian way), while maintaining trade and investment relations not only with current partners (like Germany), but also with Eurasian subjects (both Russia and China).

Meanwhile, the EU does not need another agricultural country, in such cases the Common Agricultural Policy is used for EXTINGUISHING, maintaining agricultural production. As we also know, the EU does not deal with the support for industry, but with TAKING OVER and / or liquidation of its various branches and plants. And for the development of tourism, Macedonia does not need the EU at all.

The question is, then: what for would the West need Macedonia? Is it not just an attempt to block energetic cooperation with Russia and Turkey?It is also an action to extend the largest military-drug-terrorist USA base in Europe, in which Kosovo and Albania have been transformed. Of course, the classic Western decoy – that is a promise of future opening of labour markets. In the same way were tempted Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians and today it is served also to Ukrainians. However, this is again an advantage only for Western economies, not for Macedonia. No healthy economy can arise as a result of the drainage of the labour force and the intellectual potential of the nation!

Eastern-European Experience - Macedonian and Serbian Opportunity

Of course, however, also the political situation of the last independent Southern Slavs is not really better than, say, Poles in the 1990s. The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučićis nothing more than Serbian ... Jaroslaw Kaczynski, acting the same role: for national needs, large lot of bosh about "the National Pride", but abroad, towards the EU and the USA full obedienceand submission, and everything with accompanimentofincompetenceand cliques. The difference is, however, in a much greater natural defensive instinct of the Serbs themselves, who are still resisting the vision of capitulation before a historic, cruel enemy which NATO was and still is - and they also strongly support maintaining as close relations with Russia, as possible. Vučić knows that, thereby, he makes demonstrative gestures as shaking Vladimir Putin’s hands - just to satisfy Serbian electorate. But he himself - like other Eastern-European prime ministers and presidents - draws his country and nation into Western slavery under patriotic banners.

The ex-Prime Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, also has no clean hands. Present leader of the patriotic opposition (hiding in Hungary from arrest threatening from the pro-American coalition of Social-Democrats and Albanians) now wrings his hands over the effects of the pro-Western Skopje course, but he was co-author of it! Unfortunately, for the Macedonians, but also Gruevski has converted to “the Patriotism” or even “the Easternization” (not mentioning the dangerous and extremely hypocritical in his case Albano-scepticism) just after he had lost his power. 

It is unpleasant and dangerous, but the natural state of almost all Slavic peoples - there seems to be stasis, reluctance to change (especially too dynamic one), and in many cases passivity and procrastination. Once we are pushed in some direction, we drift into it, until a sufficiently strong opposite impulse appears. This serves these Slavs on whose path such developmental and defence impulses have occurred, and weakens the others, convicted (?) to repeat themselves indefinitely “may it won’t be worse…!”. Certainly, both Macedonians and Serbs were brought to a state of exhaustion which would make them accept the increasing dictatorship of the West, in exchange for the opportunity to escape for a daily bread and some foreign glitz. The will of continuing the self-reliance, struggling with external pressure and internal infiltration - seems to be weaker contrary to this temptation, with still not enough support from potential alternative partners from China and Russia. On the one hand, we, the North-Eastern-Europeans have not managed the challenge of survival and resistance ourselves - so it is difficult for us to expect greater strength and perseverance from our Southern brothers (especially because in the last three decades they have suffered much more than we have, omitted at least by the wars). Or maybe can we suggest something from our experience, or even   indirectly help...?

How to Help the Southern Slavs?

Both Macedonia and Serbia are now on a downward slope not as a result of NOT ENOUGH pro-Western policy, but BECAUSE OF their increasingly stronger pro-Westernity! In other words, the same as Poland and other former Eastern Bloc countries in the 1990s, when they were kept in the waiting room of the European Communities, as a result of unfortunate association agreements. Macedonian and Serbian are pushed to repeat mistakes of Poles and others. That is why Poles, Hungarians, Romanians should share our experiences with the Southern brothers and warn them against threats. NATO will not defend anyone, certainly neither Poles nor Macedonians - on the contrary, it only draws and intensifies the dangers threatening our nationsThe European Union is a business, not a charitable enterprise - it is therefore seeking to maximize its own profits, also to the detriment of smaller and dependent beings, such as Poland or Macedonia (and, among others, Serbia, etc.). The task for today is not to consider how to catch other capitals, Skopje or Belgrade into NATO's (USA’s, EU’s) orbit – but to act to liberate ourselves from this domination, in our own interest. Until, unfortunately, we are still a component of these fatal structures - it would be more appropriate to use our membership to ... make it difficult and block Anschluß of Macedonia and Serbia to the EU and NATO!

Our Slav brothers would thank us for that one day.