Child Robbery in Finland

The case of Russian children Mira and Natascha Loginova in Finland, child robbery/child trade, torture
Ernesto Che Guevara:  "Above all, try always to be able to feel deeply any injustice committed against any person in any part of the world".
Both children Mira born 04.07.2001 and Natascha born 21.09.1998 were Russians only at their birth in Jyväskylä city, Finland.
Both children have been taken away from their custodians/parents, mother, Russian Oksana Loginova and father, Finnish citizen Kauko Oranen.
Natascha was taken away practically soon after her birth and given to a family in an unknown location. When Natascha was born his father was not present. After the birth of the baby Oksana and her new born baby were allowed to stay some 1-2 weeks in a child care center. Baby was taken away from the mother and mother thrown away from the center to the streets with no knowledge of the Finnish language and without any money. Baby was still under breast feeding. To stop this feeding is torture against baby and mother.  When father became available he started to take care of Oksana and fight with the authorities to get the baby back to the care of her biological family. All the efforts to get the justice have been in vain. 
Later Mira was born and family could live normal life for some seven years until authorities and some religious sect spoiled and broke the happy family life.
Both children have now been adopted illegally at least against the knowledge and approval of the father Kauko Oranen.
The children have been given Finnish citizenship under curious circumstances.
The authorities carry the responsibility for the breaking the family. The location of the mother Oksana Loginova is unknown.
Father Kauko Oranen has not seen Mira for about ten years and Natascha for about fifteen years.  Authorities have prevented all contacts between the father and his two daughters. 
Names of the children has been illegally changed too. Mira is now Aada Mira Sofia Laine and Natascha is Tuulia Heimonen
Most probably the address for Natascha is Perhekoti Nuorten Mummola oy, Tavinsalmentie 204, Tavinsalmi, eastern-Finland. The address for Mira has at least been lately Teinilän lastenkoti, Pikalähetintie 15, Helsinki. 
There has been clearly an international crime towards children and parents as children and mother Oksana are Russians living in Finland. Oksana Loginova has been granted with the Finnish citizenship obviously in a corrupt process.  The children has been robbed from their parents/custodians with the help/protection of the highest Finnish authorities.
There is presently a criminal case by Chancellor of Justice of the Government Mr. Jaakko Jonkka and two of his staff, Ms Eeva Ahotupa and Ms Ira Nyberg, case R16/5421, R16/9655 in the District Court of Helsinki against Kauko Oranen obviously to silence him. Charged offense by Kauko Oranen is an insult etc against Jonkka, Ahotupa and Nyberg.  The first hearing for the case will be on the 11th of April 2017 at 09.00 hours under judge Jukka Jaakkola, court secretary is Tuija Norra, Helsingin käräjäoikeus/District Court of Helsinki, department 3/2. tel. 02956 44530, e-mail tuija.norra(at), Fax. 02956 44357, Helsinki Court House, Porkkalankatu 13, 00180 Helsinki Telephone: 02956 44200 (switchboard). Public prosecutor is Ms Kukka-Maaria Kankaala, email kukka-maaria.kankaala(at)
Kauko Oranen is considering a countercharge against Jonkka-Ahotupa-Nyberg for criminal violations against him and his children. Crime could be international  crime, child trade, robbing of the children, torture etc. 
It has been totally impossible to get the details of the conditions of those two girls and to meet them in their secret locations.
Just some three weeks ago we learned that they have been illegally adopted, names have been changed and Finnish citizenship has been given under curious circumstances. Legal guardian and parent Kauko Oranen has been totally unaware of those developments in the case of Natascha for over 17 years as well I myself as an attorney for those girls specially for Natascha in a number of processes with authorities and in the courts. We have been purposefully mislead in the court processes by the Finnish authorities as we have not been told that children have been adopted and their names changed. 
With his letter  dated 14th of Mach 2017, to the responsible Jyväskylä city social worker Ritva Salpakoski Kauko Oranen has tried to find out the conditions of his two children and to get the documents related to the adoptions etc. Decision dated 28.03.2017 D/794/037.03/2017 by director Kati Kallio is negative, no documents nor any help. Anyhow the decision proves that authorities have those documents, info of adoption etc.
There has been clearly an international crime. The children have been robbed from their parents/custodians with the support of the highest Finnish authorities.
If this case is not solved to the benefit of Kauko Oranen family, the Finnish authorities can continue their criminal actions specially towards the Russian subjects mainly children in Finland.  Children are given illegally Finnish citizenship and children can be adopted illegally from their parents and hidden in the secret places. The child robbery business/child trade is very profitable for the new custodians. The government of Finland can pay 400€ per child per day or more plus additional expenses.
The criminal case by Chancellor of Justice of the Government Mr. Jaakko Jonkka case R16/5421, R 16/9655 in the District Court of Helsinki against Kauko Oranen obviously is to silence Kauko Oranen. Chancellor of Justice of the Government Mr. Jaakko Jonkka is the topmost authority, culprit, responsible for this kind of child robbery specially concerning Natascha Tuulia  Loginova and Mira  Loginova. The case is no doubt part of the New Cold War, proxy war against Russian Federation via Russian citizens in Finland. It is a proof of an increasing, government sponsored anti Russian atmosphere in Finland. By law Chancellor of Justice of the Government cannot start to prosecute private citizen. His duty is to control administration, legal authorities, judges etc. His duty by law is to protect Human Rights. The case has been camouflaged, as if Chancellor of Justice of the Government Mr. Jaakko Jonkka and his staff are acting as private citizens. The case is typical Potemkin set up. Kauko Oranen has practically no chances to win the case against the controller of the Finnish legal system, Chancellor of Justice of the Government Mr. Jaakko Jonkka. Kauko Oranen has not been able to get any attorney-at-law to help him in the court. All are escaping, when they learn of the case initiated by the Chancellor of Justice of the Government Mr. Jaakko Jonkka and his staff. 
Russian consul in Helsinki Mr Alexander Zelenov and vice consul Mr Dmitry Rozhdestvensky are aware of the case. Their diplomatic/consular help has been requested to solve this crime and first to find out the location of the children, their physical condition and legal status etc. So far it seems Finnish authorities give a damn for the consular agreement between Russian Federation and Finland nor any Human Rights issues not to talk of the United Nations agreement concerning the Rights of the Children.
Mr Pavel Astahov the Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation (children's ombudsman), was informed of the case on 17th of March 2010, when he visited Turku/ Helsinki Finland.