A Civilizational Battle


According to the liberals, there is no system that creates more prosperity and freedom than "Western democracy". But just a few facts is more than enough for one to understand how naïve this claim really is. What drives and sustains this alleged democracy is nothing but pure egoism and concentration of a huge amount of wealth in the hands of a few. This is not so strange, since its most direct predecessor is, in fact, "Western imperialism" – and the human beings have not changed that much since the times of Napoleon, the Austro-Hungarian and British Empire. 

Today, Russia and its allies, the European nationalist politicians, such as Salvini and Le Pen, have been at the forefront of the struggle against “Western democracy” and its “liberalism”. The system they faced is yet another disguise for the same Western imperialism, cleverly adapted in order to survive. One could say that all that glitters is not gold; and to dress a pig in silk – which is all the Westerners have done – does not change the fact that it is, nonetheless, a pig.

There is no doubt that instead of "liberal politicians" “the imperialists” would be much more appropriate title for the group in question. And what the imperialists have achieved after the official dismantling of empires in the 20th century – with tools such as the World Economic Forum, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund – is a form of capitalism that drastically limits people’s influence over their economy, including the control over the natural resources as well.

Indeed, when liberals claim that we are living in a “gray zone” between armed conflict and peace, they are right. But, first we need to realize it ourselves if we want to turn it into our favor.

Above all else, the struggle is now being fought over information, in order to win the hearts and minds – and votes – of the people. And Russia and its allies have a big advantage: they have the truth on their side.

The most important question, which divides us into two opposing camps, is what kind of society we want: a morally depraved one, where the politicians, like they do in Sweden, plead for legalizing necrophilia and find excuses for incest as not necessarily wrong – or the one where ethics and politics would not be separated by such an insurmountable gap (as Plato already imagined two and a half millennia ago). But it can also easily become the question of what kind of civilization we want – if we eventually adopt the Muslim values, just like the Romans adopted the barbarian ones, before their whole civilization collapsed.

Considering all possibilities, our current situation can outgrow into a full-fledged civilizational battle. This must be stressed, so that as many people recognize and understand what we are witnessing today – and stand ready.

To sum up: the "Western democracy" is the threat, not only to the Russians but to the Westerners themselves, having been misled and not seeing the liberal politicians' true nature, corrupted by power and money – nor their imperialist character and aspirations.

All that is required is for people to be fully informed. This is not as difficult as one might think, no matter how much we are overwhelmed by advanced propaganda and an ocean of fake news. The first step is to have the right approach and to know who we are. In this way we will also separate the weak from the strong – and, hopefully, manage to prevail.