Comey’s firing - postponement of the coup d'état in the USA

Why did Trump dismiss the FBI director?

The news of the resignation was received by ex-FBI chief James Comey on a working trip to Los Angeles. As reported by the American media, initially Comey, hearing about his dismissal in the news, even considered it a foolish joke. However, the official paper from the White House delivered a little later did not give any cause for doubt. Trump really fired the man, thanks to which he became the president/ But the same man lately became a real danger for the President.

James Comey is the second director of the FBI in the history of this agency, which is dismissed in this way. The usual conversation in such cases with the president, followed by a statement of voluntary resignation was not. Instead, the decision to dismiss was brought to the director of the FBI during his absence in Washington and the headquarters of the special service. However, a number of American media sources say that the Trump said Comey to resign, but he did not accept the president's proposal. In any case, an unexpected resignation looks more like a special operation than an ordinary routine rotation process.

How Comey liquidated Clinton

James Comey was the only high-ranking official of the Obama administration of this rank, who retained his post after Donal Trump moved to the White House. All other "siloviki" - from the head of the CIA to the head of the Pentagon and the chief of the National Intelligence were replaced by new people. The exception was the FBI and the much smaller National Security Agency. It was believed that this was a kind of service fee, for the helping Trump shortly before the presidential elections. " "I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey's letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me and got scared off."," the main rival of Trump lately cried.

The name of James Comey became widely known outside the United States against the backdrop of a scandal investigation using Hillary Clinton as her US Secretary of State's personal mail server for confidential correspondence. As a result of hacking by anonymous hackers, some of Clinton's letters came to their disposal (and one should think at the disposal of foreign special services). The FBI initiated a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton in July 2016. And on July 5, 2017, Comey stated that the conduct of the US presidential candidate from the Democrats was "most careless", confirmed that as a result of this negligence, there was classified information in the risk zone, but stated that "no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case" against Clinton.

It seemed that Comey had saved the former Secretary of State. At this point, the director of the FBI was attacked by a wave of criticism from the Republicans, especially the supporters of Donald Trump. But everything changed in October 2017, when Komi called for the investigation of new circumstances related to the Clinton case. In particular, it was about the letters found on the personal computer of Assistant Clinton Huma Abedin. Her husband Anthony Weiner, who led from this device indecent correspondence with a 15-year-old schoolgirl, had an access to the device. Actually, the FBI agents engaged in catching a pedophile and did not think that they would come across an unknown part of the correspondence of the former Secretary of State. Comey sent a letter to Congress, where he reported on the found letters and the resumption of the FBI investigation. The information was immediately leaked into the press.

These actiivities by James Comey significantly affected the election campaign. At least the Democrats began to consider so. After a week later, their candidate Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. Analysts were lost in conjecture, why Comey intervened at the last moment and "toppled" Clinton. One such explanation was the struggle within the American Deep State, a symbiotic system, that unifies unelected bureaucrats serving in the relevant departments under any administration and group of influences with unchanged interests, primarily the MIC and deeply integrated into the US system financial and industrial circles. Despite the fact that Clinton had a serious influence on his chief - the Attorney General Loretta Lynch the FBI Director allegedly faced pressure from within his own department. Employees of the FBI who, unlike their no less famous colleagues from the CIA, are less cosmopolitan and more interested because of the specifics of the work in the US internal affairs, not welcomed the figure of the globalist Clinton, who got away with the crime, where they would surely have been brought to trial. Indirectly, news headlines such as "FBI agents are ready to rebel over the cozy Clinton probe" testified to this. 

Comey vs. Trump

Officially, Comey is accused of having exceeded his authority in July 2016, formally opposing the prosecution of Hillary Clinton in connection with the investigation into the use of a private mail server for sending classified information. According to the Deputy Attorney General of the United States Rod Rosenstein, such decisions are the prerogative of the Attorney General of the country alone. In addition, Comey was accused of disclosing the "derogatory information" against Hilary Clinton during this press conference. In addition, the former director of the FBI was also accused of misleading the Congressmen and senators who sent the letter on October 28, 2016. In general, the memo by Rosenstein, in which the official justification for the dismissal of Comey is stated, looks as if it was written by a supporter of Hillary Clinton. This makes the entire story even more confusing, at first glance, because Trump should have been grateful to the head of the FBI.

He was, but until a certain point, until the FBI director bite off more that he could chew. Yes, on the one hand he helped remove Clinton from the road. But on the other in the same July 2016, the FBI began investigating the possible connection of members of the Trump team and Russia. Comey responded with extreme ambiguity, at the relevant hearings on the "Russian intervention". In March 2017 it turned out, for example, that the FBI undertook surveillance over one of Trump's advisors, Carter Page, who had previously worked in Russia. At the same time, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper allegedly knew nothing about this. Later on May 2, 2017, at a new hearing in the US Senate, Comey stated that he was investigating links with Russian intelligence services of several individuals at Trump's headquarters. The investigation was conducted on behalf of the FBI director. Also, the director of the FBI initiated an investigation into the contacts of his employees and Trump's campaign headquarters, which may imply that the special services are cleansed of persons loyal to the president. Earlier in July 2016, the same Comey proposed to unwell the unverified information from the file of Christopher Steele, a former employee of British intelligence, who accused Trump of working for Russia. CIA Director Brennan still managed to do it before him, but the attitude of head of the American counterintelligence department is indicative.

In other words, the American silovik believed that he could make presidents, and played his own game. Controlling the investigation against Trump's team, he was rooting against the president. Even without getting any evidence, just manipulating public opinion, as was the case with Clinton, he could deal a serious blow to Trump. Well, the forged evidence by Comey himself or those who could use him would be enough to bring the process directly to impeachment. And attempts to assert that all this was not directed against the president, only strengthened his suspicions. “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau," says Trump in an official letter to Comey.

To what extent are these suspicions true? To begin with, we note that Comey already had experience of using his position for political purposes, he was not a member of the Trump team and at any moment could go against the president, especially in a difficult situation with a sword of Damocles hanging over his head in the form of accusations of Ties with Russia. Naturally, it would be advantageous for Trump to get rid of him as soon as possible. As soon as the former director of National Intelligence Clapper himself said at a hearing in Congress that there is no evidence of the connections between Trump and Russia, the choice was made. In the face of unprecedented pressure on Trump, he needs a dedicated man at the head of the FBI. Comey if demonstrated loyalty, then to someone else.

Сomey is a man of the swamp

James Comey is a typical representative of the American establishment. He is closely associated with a number of serious lobbying groups. So 5 years from 2005 to 2010. Komi was the top manager at Lockheed Martin, the largest US defense company. He got a seat on the board of HSBC Holdings PLC, one of the five banks in the world that traditionally determines the world price of gold and is associated with the British Rothschilds (the history of this institution began with the trade of opium in China in the 19th century). Both of these structures are donors to the Clinton Foundation. The FBI after October 2016 followed the policy of the American Deep State. So, in December 2016, information appeared that the FBI did not support the CIA's conclusions regarding Russia's interference in the elections in the United States.

After the Democrats attack on the incompetence of the FBI, Comey stated that he supports the CIA's view that the intervention took place and the goal was to play up to Donald Trump. In this and similar cases, the FBI director took the point of view of the establishment and obviously did not intend to fight. So Comey did not confirm Trump's statement that Obama wiretapped his office in the Trump Tower. Most of this kind of information should be with the FBI. So far, what was collected by the subordinates of the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not enough for the members of the intelligence board of the Congress. The FBI also failed to provide information confirming Trump's other statements that he was spyed by the British on behalf of Obama, thus abandoning the procedures necessary for US special services in order to obtain permission to watch for a US citizen. But Trump persistently insists on his rightness, which suggests that he has a trustworthy source of information. The behavior of Comey, who at least in Trumps mind was supposed to have some kind of data, but refuses to disclose them, leads to the worst suspicions.

Preemptive strike

The clearest explanation of the dismissal of James Comey is Trump's desire to prevent a coup attempt by the special services. In favor of this says the urgency decision was made on his resignation. Rosenstein's recommendation was prepared on the same day, in order to give at least some justification for the decision acceptable to the public. Trump dismissed Comey despite the fact that he had not even found a candidate for his successor. Dismissal was signed at a time when the director of the special service was on a business trip and special letter was given to him by former Trump’s bodyguard and Director of Oval Office Operations Keith Schiller. What was happening at the FBI headquarters at that time?

Comey could use his position and the FBI investigation to start the process of impeachment against the president. And although Trump's behavior is compared to the act of Nixon, who at the height of the Watergate scandal dismissed independent prosecutor Archibald Cox, which led to the resignation of Attorney General Elliot Richardson , at that time there were both FBI and CIA on the Nixon side, and Trump faced opposition from his special services. What can be concequnecies the example of another American president - John F. Kennedy shows.

Undoubtedly, the American "swamp" is ready to strike back. Comey, who was openly criticized by both the Republicans and the Democrats, received support from many of them, including Chuck Schumer, Democrat leader in the Senate and the odious John McCain. Trump's opponents are talking about the new Watergate and are calling for the creation of the post of a special prosecutor who would investigate Trump and his team and their possible ties with Russia. As Debka's resource close to the Israeli intelligence community notes, for Trump's opponents this investigation is the way to impeach the president. The truth is not yet clear how this initiative will move, given that the leader of the Republican majority, Mit McConnell, has opposed. But one of the neocon leaders Bill Kristoll hopes that not all Republicans will implement McConnell's recommendations.