The communists are still lying to you

If we can effectively eradicate the national pride and the patriotism of at least one generation, we will conquer that country forever. Hence, a constant propaganda must be conduced against that country in order to loosen the loyalty of the people, especially the youth.

Although this might sound as a recommendation from Soros factories that needs to be fulfilled through some of his puppets, such as the leader of the Macedonian opposition Zoran Zaev, who once with all his seriousness stated that his party SDS shouldn`t fallow patriotic policy, this quote is actually a part of a corpus of lectures created long before Macedonia and the World have felt the  “benefits” of the liberal West, led by ex-Nazi collaborators, today great ”philanthropist” such as Gorge Soros.  

This is a method called psychopolitics, created somewhere in the twenties of the last century, for the needs of the Communist Party of the USSR and it represents a way of psychological manipulation aimed at people's acceptance of communism. This method, that was transferred to the communists all over the World only by oral training while writing was forbidden, today exists as a book titled "Psychopolitics". By studying these methods, which once had been meant for communism to gain control both over the individuals and the collective, one can easily come to the conclusion that they are still being used today, in Macedonia and globally, in a service to other yet essentially same political doctrines, led by the Western liberals, globalists and similar progressive and leftist vomit.

In fact, the Special wars, as a western specialty practiced all over the world including Macedonia, finds its roots precisely in the psychopolitics, and this can be best illustrated with the part of the lectures that says:   

    The degradation of the people of one country is less inhuman than their destruction by bombs ... The distortion of state institutions and causing of a general degradation, as well as interference in the national economy to the extent that would lead to a lack of the basic necessities and economic crisis, will be enough to cause only minor shocks in the people, that will be followed by their extremely obedient reaction or hysteria. And with the arbitrary threat of war and aerial bombardment, we can force the people to immediately ask for peace at any price.

Pshychopolitical trainings were attended by Macedonian communists as well. Those were some of the members of the Communist party, which in 1990 from the Communist party from Macedonia has transformed in what we know today as the Social Democratic Union SDS. From psychic manipulation,  propaganda for degradation of the youth and the family, physical and sexual abuse, proclamation of sane people as mentally ill, electroshocks and all up until imprisonment and dead ( commonly referred to as a suicide ) for the most “disobedient”. Those are the methods of the pshychopolitics, which tell us a lot about the ideological matrix of the communists, today rebranded in what we in Macedonia known as SDS, and globally under the Wests` umbrella.  

Here are a few more examples of the psychopolitical operations, and every similarity with the current operations of the West and the 5th column in Macedonia, is not accidental.

For the people to obey, they must be humiliated first. Defamations are the best and most important weapon of the pshychopolitics in wider plan. Perennial and persistent defamation of the national leaders, the institutions, the customs and the heroes must be systematically conducted.

If there is one thing that we know for sure, that is the constant effort of SDS and the West to humiliate the Macedonian people. Starting with the shameful acceptance of the reference Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and changing the old Macedonian flag with the Kutlesh star in the 1990s when they were in to power, to the criminal privatization that left 200 000 new unemployed and a manipulated decentralisation for the benefit of the Albanian minority in the country. All of this was made in the direction of fulfilling the above mentioned goal – to humiliate the people so they can be conquered easily. The marionette leadership of SDS might be changing, but their anti-Macedonian ideology never. Even now, we have their last leader Zaev shamelessly telling us how we still have to bend our spines and obey others for curtain issues of national interest. And that is why the “modern” West is pushing for this political caricature to be installed as Prime minister.  This is not being done for Macedonia to become a member of their sinking euro-atlantic clubs. Instead, the goal is, through the controversial Tirana platform, change of the constitutional name and partition of the country, to finish the process of humiliating the Macedonians, thus succeeding in their enslavement, since our high spiritual and traditional values are seriously obstructing their dying hyper liberalism. On the other hand, our willingness for active participation in the construction of the new multipolar world order is a serious danger for the survival of their current unipolar dictatorship and globalist agenda. 

They way that that communists were trained to manipulate people with the help of psychopolitics in order to take over their loyalty perfectly fits with the methods that they West and its mercenaries are using in Macedonia today. As then and now they are trying to take over the loyalty in 2 ways:

The first is achieved by persistent and constant indoctrination, one ought to believe that until then, he has been loyal to the wrong side. It is necessary to create new circumstances that will produce his resistance. We create a certain mental condition of the individual, we put him under pressure and then by giving him false evidence, we are assuring him that the ones who he has been loyal to until now are the ones behind the pressure he is subject to. The second part consists of defaming and degradation of the person whose loyalty should be redirected.

From here somewhere seems to derive the scenario with the so called “bombs” or illegally wiretapped conversations from Macedonia's ruling party, journalists and businessmen that the Macedonian opposition was publishing at the beginning of this crisis two years ago, arguing that the state leadership were wiretapping themselves. Although, at the very beginning, when the opposition leader Zaev was trying to bully the then Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to resign if he doesn’t want the conversations to be published, he admitted that they originate from foreign intelligence services. However, when this came to the knowledge of the public, he in his signature style has changed his statement.

And right here, in this recommendation of the psychopolitics, we need to look for the objectives of the so-called Special Prosecutors that along with the rest of the journalistic and “non-governmental” Soros pro-Western machinery in Macedonia, are aggressively working on hiding the truth inside and outside the country about the coup d’état orchestrated by the West. 

Because the Church has the biggest affect in cultivation of the people, every activity of the Church must be discredited one way or another. Religion must get out of fashion. With psychopolitical indoctrination by all means we must show that there is no soul and that man is an animal.   

It seems more than clear that this is the recommendation that gave inspiration to the Soros activists in Macedonia few years ago, when they went out protesting and fighting in the capitol’s` main square against the construction of a Church there. Also, from here derives the pleasure they felt while coloring and vandalizing half of the capital as part of their western backed Colored revolution, when Christian symbols well targeted as well. And here is why the Soros bastions across the country, aided with USAID money, are widely ridiculing the Orthodoxy and promoting atheistic books, while dominant among his mercenaries are Atheists, as well as Satanists. At the end, here is why the Macedonian opposition SDS is being supported by characters such as Carl Bildt for whom the Orthodoxy is the greatest enemy. 

The slow and painful, yet certain end of the unipolar globalist pendulum is foremost due to their wrong approach to the Source, because instead of supplying their energy from God, the Communists, today presented as Liberals and Globalists, are draining energy only from new followers.

This part of the training illustrates in the best way how they are supplying their energy:

We must be like a vine that curls around the tree. We use the tree to climb to the top and then by drowning it, we become stronger, feeding with his tissue. We have to put away everyone that is standing in our way. We have to use every authority and every power that we can get to. And finally, after a few decades, we will be able to abolish all authorities and triumph in the glory of our party.    

It seems that the few decades long agenda for brain washing has reached its end but not the way they were hoping to, so that is why they had to move to their plan b, and by recognizing the illegally sworn new Albanian president of the Macedonian parliament, Talat Jaferi, we have witnessed the latest West sponsored coup d’état in the world history.

 The Macedonian people that are protesting every single day for two and a half months, along with the refusal of the Macedonian president Gorge Ivanov to hand over a mandate for a government to be formed based on Tirana platform and the fact he didn’t meet with the western proxies such as Johannes Han and Carl Bildt, have send a clear message that we, the Macedonia’s, are not going to commit a spiritual suicide so that we can help them continue their unipolar dictatorship. And to their agenda for ruining our identity, sovereignty, religion, culture and tradition, in the name of their morally degraded liberalism, we are answering in their liberal style, with upright spine and high-raised middle finger.