Consequence of Indian move on Kashmir

After the Indian accession of Kashmir, as a consequence, people of Kashmir lost special status like they lost dual citizenship, separate flag, special right to education, etc. Non-Kashmiris will be allowed to purchase land inside Kashmir, which was prohibited earlier. Women cannot retain their citizenship after marrying outsiders, while they were allowed to retain their identity and citizenship earlier. Their legislative assembly enjoys a longer term of 6 years but after accession, their term is reduced to only 5 years. Panchayats will enjoy the same rights as the local Kashmiris, while it was not the same before. And so many other benefits to locals due to their special status ensured by the Indian constitution. 
Since the curfew imposed, people are not come out of their homes for the last several days, they are suffering severe food shortages, especially fresh food. No electricity, no fuel, no clean water supply, lack of sanitation facilities, no medicines, etc has worsened the normal life for residents. Schools, Colleges, business, agriculture, and the tourism sector is suffering heavily and the suspension of normal life has reached a deadlock to everything in Kashmir. The military is controlling everything and every place, causing a hell of inconvenience to common people.
India is maintaining almost one million troops to control 15 million people of Kashmir. You can say, one solder for every 15 Kashmiris. The fresh troops, equipped with the latest lethal weapons and extra-judicial powers, are event worst. They can declare anyone as a terrorist without any judicial inquiry or any valid evidence and can shoot anyone on the spot. As a result, the number of killings, torture, and rape has increased exponentially. Burning of shops, crops, lootings, damaging of houses, properties, etc. are witnessed. People are forced to leave their homes and are pushed toward the line of control along the Pakistani Kashmir. Introduction draconian laws, are turned the situation even adverse. Kashmir has turned into a large prison!
Kashmir is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, rich in mountains, glaciers, jungles, lakes, rivers, lush green pastures and abundance of fruits and flora. Its beautiful people with traditional hospitality attracts tourist from all over the world. There were times when Kashmir was the most attractive destination for tourism for the rest of the world. The Kashmir traditional food, handicrafts, and local culture were rich and unique in its nature. The biodiversity of Kashmir was rare and unique.  It was termed as “Heaven on the Earth” or sometimes “Roof of the World”.
Kashmir is burning today, people are killed, tortured, raped and harmed in any brutal manner. India has crossed all limits of human rights violations. People are suppressed, coerced, and cornered to the wall. Local people are unarmed and protesting peacefully. They chant slogans and sometimes throw stones as a protest, while, India suppress them with armed forces, equipped with lethal weapons. The use of pellet guns and cluster bombs are routine matters. Excessive use of force may lead Kashmiri people to initiate armed struggle. To date, they are peaceful and struggle for their rights peacefully. But if pushed toward the other extreme, it is natural that the only option left for them will be an armed struggle. 
India is also violating the line of control between Pakistan and India. The frequency and magnitude of violation of ceasefire have increased tremendously. In fact, they are instigating Pakistan to retaliate. But Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and a responsible state. In February this year, India also did a similar exercise to initiate a war with Pakistan. But the visionary leadership in Pakistan observed patience and restrains. Pakistan successfully averted the “War” in February this year. 
It is to be noted that, Pakistan and India, both are nuclear states and possess enough weapons to destroy each other completely. Any war, between India and Pakistan, will be a huge loss to humanity. Causalities and destruction or its impact may not be limited to India and Pakistan only. It may engulf neighboring countries, or the whole region or up to the whole world.  
Keeping this in view, the UN, International Community, Big Powers and all individuals having a conscious or sense of the seriousness of this issue, are appealed to take action immediately to save heavy losses to humanity. Pressurize India to not to violate the UN charter, and not to harm Kashmiris. India could not suppress Kashmiris for the last 7 decades, and may not be able to face the high morals and bravery of Kashmiris in the future. Respect humanity! Respect the UN Charter! Save human lives! Act now!