Coronovirus epidemic and corporate Media outcry

With the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19 by WHO) from the Chinese City of Wuhan has exclusively dragged the attention of world public attention and interest. Since the outbreak the total number of confirmed cases in the mainland China has reached 78,064. Whereas, the total number of deaths has risen to 2,715, while 406 new Coronavirus related cases have reported by the health authorities. At the moment, approximately 80,000 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus globally and thus, have become a transnational issue. With severity, the epidemic has spread beyond the Chinese borders into South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Middle East and Europe.
In South Korea, 11 people have died and the total number of Coronavirus cases reported has risen to 1,146. In Thailand, the total number of Coronavirus related infection has reached 40. Likewise, Japan is struggling to embolden the precautionary measures after dozens of passengers were reported infected with Coronavirus in quarantined Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. Across the Middle East, the Coronavirus epidemic has become alarming after Iran and Kuwait reported number of confirmed cases. In Kuwait, the number of cases reported is 11, and Iran has hit the similar numbers. 
In Europe, the epidemic knocked Italy, where health authorities have confirmed 11 Coronavirus related deaths, and the number of infected people has reached 300. Hence, the presence of the Coronavirus at the European borders has alarmed the western countries to take serious measures to curb the epidemic. Very recently, US president Donald Trump has asked congress for $2.5 billion to fight the Coronavirus amidst of rising fears about the infection. Although in the recent weeks, the casualties caused by Coronavirus has dragged the attention of world public but it does not mean that the world should forget about the suffering of innocent civilians in the deepening war-zone of Yemen, Syria and Libya. 
With Coronavirus outbreak, the western mainstream media has forgotten about the sufferings of innocent civilians in war-tormented Yemen, Syria, and Libya—which is indeed a media bigotry and betrayal. Currently, in Yemen according to UN report over 17 million of Yemen’s population is at severe risk as the conflicting is deepening, and the life of over 3.3 million children’s and pregnant women are suffering from malnutrition. So far, approximately, 85,000 children’s including adults have died as a result of catastrophic war. 
The situation is same in Syria, where the Syrian Government has begun offensive to clear the opposition’s last stronghold in Idlib. The Syrian Arab Army and allied factions backed by Russian Air Force and the opposition supported by Turkish and Gulf regimes will intensify the conflict in already war-tormented country. According to reports, approximately 4 million civilians are trapped inside Idlib Governorate, which are suffering from food shortages and fear Air strikes. In contrast, the life of millions of innocent civilians is at stake as the mainstream corporate media have shifted conflict trending towards Coronavirus epidemic. 
In Libya, the conflict is deepening as the warring factions are struggling for power. Last year, the Libyan strongman and warlord General Khalifa Haftar has started assault on Tripoli vowing to oust the internationally recognized Government of General Accord. Since then, both rival factions have begun fighting each other by neglecting the civilian cost. According to United Nation, the ten-month intensive fighting have killed more 1000 people and displaced more than 140,000. Besides, the intensification of the conflict in war-torn country at civilian outlay, the western media and other Human Right agencies have narrowed their sole focus on Coronavirus epidemic. In this regard, the mainstream media (MSM) should not forget about the sufferings of innocents civilians in war-zones such as Syria, Yemen and Libya. 
On the contrary, the Cholera and measles epidemic in Yemen was put out of sight by western leaders; this widespread epidemic hasn’t got the same attention as Coronavirus—which indeed reflects the corporate bigotry. Likewise, during the Ebola outbreak in Africa, the devastating civil war in Sudan, and Congo that claimed tens of thousands of innocent lives was despised under the guise of Ebola outbreak. Consequently, in the same manner the corporate wars are again being despised under the guise of Coronavirus epidemic with psychological settlement by calling it more dangerous to humanity than the ongoing the corporate wars. 
In contrast, it is time for the west leaders and mainstream media to re-orient their position on burning issues; instead of blackmailing the world public with asymmetric psychological apocalyptic tragedies. Thence, the Western Media and Human Rights Agencies should pay heed on covering the human sufferings at every front. As the conflicts are deepening with huge civilian risk, the Western Media should balance their coverage over the burning issues before it is too late.