COVID-19 and the Multidimensional Individual


On the first day, the elites said: "Let's create a new religion with Hedonism as god and nihilism as prophet and establish a universal language to ensure instant communication among the citizens of the world."

On the second day, the elites said: "Let us inoculate compulsive consumerism of material goods in the population and that economic globalization arise to satisfy its consumption dependence."

On the third day, the elites said: "Let's proceed to the runaway consumption of raw materials and fossil fuels to keep the machinery productive and ignore the deforestation, the runaway pollution and the garbage that they will generate."

On the fourth day, the elites said: "Let's end the emotional ties of the family structure through the isolation of parents-children and the placement of grandparents in aseptic residences."

On the fifth day, the elites said: "We create social networks to destroy ties of citizen solidarity and fake news to disorient him and plunge him into existential doubt."

On the sixth day, the elites said: "Let us implement cyber manipulation to monitor the communications of citizens through their metadata and avoid the universal awakening of the political consciousness of the masses."

“On the seventh day the elites saw everything they had done; They found that all this was good and decided to rest and enjoy their creation. "

However, one fine day, the idyllic Arcadia designed by the Elites began to oscillate in their values and the pieces of their perfect puzzle stopped fitting. The common language no longer served to communicate; something squeaked in the free exchange of goods; the air became unbreathable, the seas began to regurgitate human garbage and droughts and floods followed one another with rhythmic periodicity.

But the most puzzling thing was yet to come... A viral pandemic spread throughout the world, something unpredictable for the elites and that escaped the myopic vision that only their eyes could sketch in the face of events that escaped their known parameters. Inevitably, the elites resorted to the "butterfly effect" to try to explain the dizzying conjunction of centripetal and centrifugal forces that were shaping the disjointed puzzle of orderly chaos that was brewing.

Subsequently, when verifying the ravages of the coronavirus and the subsequent entry into recession of the economies, Humanity suffered a traumatic shock that forced it to perform a deep catharsis and metanoia that would make it review the foundations that until now supported it. Thus, the collective imagination adopted a new way of thinking and a proactive attitude before the emergence of the new pandemic scenario that caused the search for a new utopia after the collapse of the tower of universal globalization. Finally, a new individual emerged (Multidimensional Individual) reaffirmed in a solid critical conscience and supported by values such as solidarity, sustainable development and respect for the environment that inhabited the Earth in the post coronavirus scenario.