Crisis of Europe


Today, many people often speak about crisis of Europe. However, meaning of this term varies depending on point of view and position of speaker. Therefore, let me have a think about what crisis of Europe can be.

The foremost aspect is connected with so-called European values. What are they? It is not simple to answer. European values are liberty, secularism, laissez-faire for classical liberals, traditional family, Christianity, nation state for conservatives, LGBT rights, pornography and so on for others. The most significant fact in such a discussion is that there is a plurality of concepts of what European values and Europe as such are. However, one thing is obvious – at this moment she is not Christian.

Or more exactly: predominant ideology in the Western world is not Christian but liberal, thus hostile to traditional values, be they Christian or Muslim or other.

Predominant liberal ideology is based on individualism, belief that there are an immense number of different life styles and morals which are equally valuable and that there is a rational consensus on that this liberal worldview is the best possible for everybody and for every nation and culture. These are the roots of contemporary Western political and cultural imperialism. Liberal ideology is universalistic which is connected with the rationalistic ideals of European Enlightenment. The God and Christianity were replaced with new secular “religion”, traditional structures, values and meanings commenced to decay. Results of these processes are clear – disintegration of societies, atomism, denial of common moral, principles and goals and general disorientation of individuals which are getting lost in chaotic world. People have lost their home. Suddenly, they are aware there is nothing which could connect members of their society. From this arise feelings of insecurity, anxiety, frustration and aggression as well. European nations need moral and the good which would be shared by overwhelming majority of its members. European values are not anything eternal. European values are what people believe they should be. And it is a question of struggle, struggle for lost values, struggle for new face of Europe without liberalism. 

Another aspect of the crisis of Europe is regarding democracy and governance. Many people speak about a crisis of democracy in the West but I think they are wrong. It is because there is a crisis of liberal democracy. And it makes great difference. Now people cannot decide freely about fundamental and essential problems, they are just allowed to participate in ordinary political life which is limited by liberal principles and laws. Allegedly, people have the freedom of speech but at the same time they are punished for their opinions. Allegedly, equality of opportunities is guaranteed but in fact only those who accept predominant ideological discourse can get on. It is usual that people are dismissed because of their beliefs or political activities.

Shortly, it is possible to say that instead of liberty and democracy we have a soft version of tyranny of liberal ideology, different minorities, NGOs and unelected and illegitimate elites. 

It seems that democratic principles are considered to be suitable in the West and there is no reason why refuse them. But it is necessary to transform, reformulate them, make democracy real, functional and legitimate again. There are some tendencies which are positive, for example in Hungary. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaks openly about illiberal democracy, sovereignty, traditional Christian values, national interests and also about the people´s right to choose their own way of life and their own government in accordance with their traditions and mentality. That is why Hungary has been attacked by the European Union. In contemporary liberal democratic system people have little power to enforce their interests. At the same time, legislators are under pressure of plenty of NGOs and interest groups and are forced to pass regulations from the EU or other supranational organisations. In addition, power of law courts has been increasing which is called juristocracy. It is obvious that sovereignty is crumbled, that the real power is in hands of unelected elites which are not accountable to the people at all. In the Czech Republic, legislators are not allowed to pass such laws which would be in breach of the so-called material core of the constitution, in other words, they cannot change liberal character of democracy as they are not authorized to it. Allegedly, the people is sovereign, thus only the people are authorized to change the system. However, in reality they cannot vote for those parties or individuals who are against liberal democratic system because those are persecuted. 

The global elites have succeeded in spreading their liberal ideology. But a lot of people not only in the West (it regards the whole world) are aware of negative consequences of this ideology and that a number of its opponents is going to be increasing. I am convinced that liberal democracy has to be replaced with real democracy in Europe which would allow people to choose their own way of life and political system freely. But it is not enough. Every nation should find and accept its own common moral, define its common values and goals. Liberal individualism with its perverted values must be stopped. Then the crisis will be overcome. To speak frankly, I do not know if the revival of Europe turn out well but I know one thing: European nations will break up definitively without common moral and shared common values. And I believe that strong and healthy moral is not thinkable without God.